faulty graphics card ?

7 Jun 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi All
Yesterday whilst watching a youtube vid, the video froze and the screen went black and sent the system into power save mode.
I booted up again and the computer which is a philips freevents showed the usual philips logo but the graphics were unsteady and not centered.
Went straight to power save mode again led on monitor flashes on and off, I tested the monitor and lead on another pc and they work, tried a new power lead on monitor and tower, when I boot up again led on tower lights up, beeps once, after about 20-30 secs hear the windows theme music but still no image and still in power save mode.
My question is can the graphics card be dead, although all fans work and no dust present, just cleaned,how can I tell if it is the graphics card which is a slot into pci type or a motherboard issue.

Any advice would be truly appreciated.
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Have you tried reseating the card and is the fan on the card actually running?

Reseated card and left off cover and all fans run including graphics card, should i just get another card and give it a try?

Difficult to diagnose without seeing it. Can you try the card in another machine first?

How badly contaminated was the fan on the card (ie, was it bad enough to stop it)?

A bad PSU can also cause the effect you describe.
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Went out this morning and paid £64 for another Geforce card and its all working now, I know I took a chance but I would have kept the new card anyway so I am very pleased.

Thanks for your kind help anyway