Favourite Christmas Present You Had When Young

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Telescope.Microscope.Fantastic.Never really felt at one with Meccano.Having my mum at home all day to play monopoly.Risk.Etc.52 now and still remember it as good as it gets
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I had a few toys which I remember as being special.
* Chad Valley railway all made with tin, little train went up a slop then free wheeled down and around to start again.
* A "thing" that was its name, about 7 rubber suckers pull the cord stick it on window and it would walk to the top.
* Scooter it had a stand at back which when flipped over became the brake.
But looking back some 60 years as hard to remember things before I was five, I think the most played with was a game called "Crow Shoot" it had I thought a cardboard frame with a rod and 4 plastic birds, and a pop gun to shoot them with. But looking it up it may have been wooden frame.
My mum and dad got me a meccano no 4 for my birthday in the 80', and been collecting add on sets, now I have a number 10 meccano set worth 5G

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