FENSA Certificate Clarification please

25 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Just in the final stages of Conveyancing in house move.
Buyer Solicitor asking for the FENSA certificate for the room window that was installed during my Loft conversion in 2007.

Now at the time the builder and I both rang the Local Authority and were informed that as the conversion was for storage only (no intention to reside/sleep in the loft conversion) no further approval was required.

My solicitor when I queried it today said:
"However, in respect of the windows you have stated on the Property Information Form that you have installed roof window in 2007. Please can you check whether you hold the Fensa certificate for the same. If not the buyer’s solicitor will request a title insurance policy for lack of building regulation approval."

But I went to the Fensa website Double Glazing Homeowner Protection - and it does state at the bottom:
The FENSA scheme does not cover the following and work should be notified to the local authority:
Room conversions e.g. bathroom converted into bedroom, new loft conversions

Advise would be appreciated. Should I let the solicitor not needed for reasons above or stump up for "Title Insurance Policy for Building Regulation Approval"?
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Fensa or getting Building Regs approval for replacement windows came into force in 2002.

As you have said though the loft has not been converted therefore the window has no need to perform as a window in an habitable room would need to perform so common sense should prevail. You will just have to try and persuade your solicitor and that they will in turn persuade the buyers solicitor that it is a daft request, unless you are able to speak direct with the buyer? Otherwise you'll have to stump up. Another case of dopey solicitors.

Your intimation that Fensa does not apply to roof windows is incorrect and a moot point anyway, it states that it does not apply to loft conversions per say, it still applies to a replacement rooflight in a converted habitable loft room.

You would be better off quoting the following: Garage Windows: When garage windows are fitted into an unheated area, which is not part of the house, the windows need not comply with the Building Regulations Approved Document L (Fuel Conservation). However, you may decide to standardise your product range and the information supplied with all windows, in order to reduce variations and specials. which is on the same page.

You could consider emailing Fensa for a response, just ask; Is certification required for a loft window when the loft has not been converted and the space is unheated? That should get a response similar to above you can then stick up your solicitors backside.
Just to update this for anyone else's benefit.
I did belts and braces and contacted FENSA.
After a bit of too and fro they said:
"This would not be a replacement window then as the window would be going in for the first time and no windows being taken out therefore no certificate would be required"

No further issues raised by solicitors
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Please accept my most sincere apologies.
Didn't intend to me rude!
I thought I had pressed the "thanks" button :oops:
I didn't press it afterwards as I thought (correctly I guess) it might not be welcomed but DID want to apologise for the unintended oversight.
The irony is I was coming back to an old thread hoping to do good and spread the help you gave me but I see I failed fairly spectacularly in one fell swoop.

I can understand why you thought it was bad manner - it was wasn't intended to be (you are welcome to cast your eye over my other threads to see it is not my character)
But I guess the damage is done, sadly.

For what it's worth: sorry for upsetting you - neither it nor the bad manners was intended after you helped me.

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