Fiat uno [F reg 1.0ltr] starting problem

30 Jan 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi, my son's first car has got an intermittent starting problem. Every few days the engine will not turn over, whether hot or cold. The battery is not flat, cos after a bit of persistence it starts perfectly and all is well. Last time I had a fiddle with it [I'm a gas man] I concentrated on the ignition switch because I could not here the solenoid click[ should it?]. Plenty of WD40 in the switch cured it for a few days but its back again.I tried to get a multimeter on the switch cable at solenoid, but when wife turned the key it started, so I'm no wiser. Anyone got any ideas as to how to fix, my normal trustworthy mechanic has just packed in!!
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Going on what you have done its either the ign switch(because it worked after you sprayed it)or the starter.You can take off the actual switch(on end of steering lock where wires connect)insert good fitting screwdriver to turn starter,dodgy switch will be apparent you will feel it not contacting properly once every few times.If seems ok check solenoid/starter wires and starter motor(try tapping with wooden mallet)Have someone hold ign key in start position,bang starter, works-woopee!
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