Fiesta Leak

14 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi I've removed the passenger side roof trim on our MK7 Fiesta because there is still a leak into the boot and ive found these gaps which may be the cause. What do you think would be best to seal these cracks with before i get some more adhesive strip to reattach the trim?
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Colour matched sealants are available - at a horrendous cost!
Are you certain the leak is there - any signs on the head lining itself? Leaks through the roof seals are very uncommon, more likely to be the rear lamps or boot rubber seal.
If you are proved right then you could go with a clear silicone or first, have a word with your local body repair shop.
John :)
What do you think would be best to seal these cracks with before i get some more adhesive strip to reattach the trim?

If that was leaking, there would be visible watermarks, but there are none. As above - look at lamp seals, and boot lip seals.

If you have an opening sunroof, check it's drains for blockage/ integrity.
No sunroof, but I've seen water dripping in the past behind the side trim in the boot. It collects in the spare wheel well. I've suspected it could the weld/joins between the boot and roof on the passenger side. I've had the lights out and inspected the rubber boot seal but it is coming from somewhere higher on the passenger side. I've cleaned up the drain channel shown in the photo but no marks on the head lining, suspected it may be tracking along towards the back of the car and then dripping down into the boot.
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Have same problem with my focus (£500 from a gypsy).
I drilled 4 holes at the bottom of the spare wheel well.
Sorted...kind of...
Not because of the leak but I did replace it recently so yes. Are these gaps normal on the roof? Seems like even if it doesn't stop water getting in it would be a good idea to seal before ice forms and makes it worse or starts to rust.
No, this isn't normal - the caulking is applied and then the car gets it's colour base at the factory.
I don't know what has happened here, maybe a body shop could advise you looks heat involved to me!
If the car was mine I'd inspect the aerial seal before advancing with any silicone - because once the silicone is there it's almost impossible to remove again.
John :)
Check behind the boot side panels to see if there are vents, ie behind the sides of the bumper. I've had failed seals around these vents on a 2006 Focus giving a wet boot.
I did this thread about it at the time.
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