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15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Morning all

I've a house that needs 6no. FD30's fitting. It's an old terraced house that has 750mm x 2000mm x 34mm existing doors. The closest Fire Door match I can find is:

It's a 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm size

Problem is, it's too short by 19mm + will need 6mm trimming off either side to fit (manufacturer says max. allowable trim is 3mm either side).

I will be fitting intumescent fire + smoke seals to all doors. It seems as though the seals can either be fitted to the door or within the rebate.

Any suggestions on how to proceed in terms of the problem with the existing door leaf + rebate size?

Also any approx figures for how much somebody would charge for hanging a door? I'm getting anything from £60 to £120 per door :eek:

Is anybody aware of 34mm thick FD30's? Also what could I use to increase the length of the FD30 to 2000mm whilst maintaining it's integrity?
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It seems as though I'm gonna have to buy 'blank' FD30's......they're available for approx £75 each but can be cut down unlike all the others available.

Sized at 2040mm x 862mm x 44mm.

But it now seems that, b'cos of the 44mm thickness (compared to the existing 34mm) I need to change the door casings also. The FD casings have an intumescent gap pre-cut.

So I'm looking at approx £850-900 just for materials for the 6no. doors :eek:

Think I'm gonna have a go at fitting one myself, if it doesn't work then I'll get a joiner in.......but paying somebody approx £100 per door (for the door hanging + casing change) is too much for me to bear at the moment. :(
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But it now seems that, b'cos of the 44mm thickness (compared to the existing 34mm) I need to change the door casings also. The FD casings have an intumescent gap pre-cut.
So if you're gonna change the door casings anyway why not just fit your standard £28 doors from Wickes into 'em?
The standard Wickes door are 1981mm x 762mm

The existing doors I will be replacing (within the old casings) are 2000mm x 750mm. I will change the casings where required to the 44mm rebate FD type + see if there's a substantial opening size change. The problem with the £30 FD's is that they can't be extended or trimmed (other than 3mm either side) without compromising the integrity.

Therefore I've been told that a FD 'blank' door, although heavy + double the price, will be the only solution for me. You can cut them down as much as you want.......the solid core construction ensures it maintains it's fire integrity.

Unless anybody has better solutions:
I'll firstly replace the casings with FD type (with Intumescent grooves)
Measure opening + then most likely have to purchase the 'blank' type Fire Door
Buy intumescent hinge pads + door strips
Buy 3no. fire resistant hinges per door
Buy door handles for each

And then attempt to fit them all. :( Considering I've never hung a door before from scratch I'm not feeling too confident.
But if you are changing the frames anyway why not get frames that will accomodate the Wickes doors?

This is all assuming your BCO will not accept a surface applied treatment upgrade or other alternative?

Gotta say peca27 for someone who seemingly does Building Regs Apps for a living you're a little rusty here!

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