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16 May 2014
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United Kingdom
Just finished plastering a wall, first time at doing it myself. After a bit of advice. How long should I leave it between coats? I went to put on second coat but it was lifting first coat and making the surface rough. Then my bucket of plaster started setting so had to bin it!! I finally finished but now its drying terrible. Imperfections everywhere and its really rough and gritty like sand paper. Could I leave it to dry then apply another coat, hopefully better than first attempt, to make it smooth? Maybe I didnt mix it long enough as it sounded gritty putting it on. Any advice welcome.
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what plaster is this? what type of wall is it? how did you prepare the surface?
Its multifinish. Its a plasterboard wall, wallpaper stripped but was a bit rough. I think I may have made it up too thick, now that Ive looked back at videos
Not a plasterer but seen them work.. did you PVA the wall at start and let it go tacky?
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you should have heavily pvad the wall first with a handful of sand thrown in.
dont skim it when its tacky , thats a myth. wait for the pva to dry
never pva bare plasterboard btw.
doesnt make a difference, if the timings allow you can 2nd coat the wall with the same mix.
This time of year and if inexperienced, could have taken a while getting the first on which is why I asked the question .Im only slow so do it two mixes this time of year but in colder times usually One mix for two coats
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I made a fresh mix whilst waiting for it to be “tacky”. I think I made it to thick. Will it be safe enough tomorrow to put on another coat without it dragging up the last one? Surely it’ll be dry enough. I think if I mix it a bit thinner like custard and spread it more generously
Pva the wall before trying to skim again tomorrow.
Mix to the consistency of custard....slap it on as fast as you can then go back over it and straighten it.
Okay Ill give it a bash. Its still patchy in colour but firm to touch is that okay? How long will I leave PVA to dry? What difference will PVA’ing make? If I make a bucket, how long roughly am I meant to mix it, maybe I didnt mix it long enough and thats why its a bit gritty
The pva controls the suction and prevents it drying out too fast and cracking.
You mix enough to cover the area you have to plaster, mix to a creamy consistency, not too sloppy.
What size is the area you are covering?
The important bit is getting it on the wall as fast as you can, don't mess about with then go over it again and straighten before giving it another coat straight away.
Leave for a while to take up before trowelling can tell when it is ready to polish as the trowel lines start smoothing out.
The plaster is mixed properly when it is a uniform consistency, no lumps and flows smoothly.

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