Fitted oven with gas pipes behind

30 Mar 2008
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Harrow, London
United Kingdom
The attached pics show the problem i'm facing: gas pipes where i need to fit an oven! The biggest problem is the where the gas pipe connects to the hob. From this point to the front of the recess i have only 49.5cm space. I've been trying to find a shallow oven, but have been unable to find even a 500mm one! I was therefore thinking of getting the pipes relocated (as i have 59.5cm to wall). But, however i relocate the pipes, they still have to connect to the hob in the allocated place!

Does anyone know of a shallow oven, 500mm or less, or have any suggestion as to how the pipes could be relocated to allow me to fit a deeper oven?


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Socket isn't fixed and can fairly easily be dropped into void below units. The gas pipe is the problem.
There are a number of problems, the socket should be securely fixed and electrical cables should not be routed behind gas pipework, without a gap of 25mm (for your gas pipe size) These are regulation and all need sorting out.
If you cannot source an appliance that fits suitably, then the gas pipe would need rerouting in to the service area of the adjoining units and if the pipe is then run horizontal in the upper rear space of the housing, that should then prevent any obstructions.

You would expect most modern built in ovens to require a 550mm depth for installation from oven door. If you only have 500mm. I would advise you contact a number of manufactures or stockist and see what their availability is.
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FYI, most ovens have a knockout or clearance at their tops/backs, which I always presumed was for the gas pipe to get into the hob. This is shown in the random diagram I found here (unfortunately none seemed to show the dimensions of this gap). Would this knockout in the oven help in your re-routing of the gas pipe?

Also, agree that that socket needs sorting.
Cheers, guys! I didn't know about the electrical regs, so that's helpful too. I have never removed the oven (till now) in the ten years i have owned the flat, so had a no idea how things were behind it.
The knockout would have to be at least 18cm in height to avoid the horizontal part of the pipe. But, with the gas valve tap in the pipe on the left, i could only fit a max 55cm oven anyway. The slightly-annoying thing is the (Knowhow/Currys) installer of the intended new oven took away the old one - i wasn't present as flat is now tenanted - so i don't know what that oven looked like - i just know it fitted!
Dear Gasmen
It's not looking like i can get an oven with a big-enough knockout to clear the horizontal part of the pipe. Also, the shallowest i can find is 55cm which only just clears that valve tap on the LHS. How would you guys suggest rerouting the pipework to fit a standard oven/hob. Attaching another pic to show the gas pipe under the units (in case it helps).


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Just bite the bullet and get a RGI they will know how to alter the gas pipe to make it fit
It is more common to take the gas pipe almost all the way up to the top before turning to the right in your case.

Many ovens have a reduced height section at the back.

But annoyingly there does not seem to be any common standard.

An electrical fitting like a socket should be at least 150 mm from a gas pipe.
Hi, can i ask what was the outcome of this was please? I have the exact same issue with the exact same measurements. I've found an oven that is 498 mm but that will only give me a 2mm gap between the bolt on the pipe and the back of the oven. The pipe runs at an angle away towards the wall so the space increases away from the bolt. Is this safe?


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Probably more feasible to move the gas pipe.
Thanks, or is leave the oven sticking out by 15 mm an option? I could live with that.

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