Fitting toilet to soil pipe at funny angle

17 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
Hello hope some one can help

The problem-
Our new loo is designed for the soil pipe to run straight out the back through the wall or straight down. I need it to come out sideways about 30 to 40 cm and then into the soil pipe but still keeping the toilet as the close to the wall as possible. If the loo is flush against the wall there is only an 80 mm gap at the side for the 110mm pipe.

Also when trying to bend into the soil pipe going into the wall, 90 degree 110mm bends have a gradual curve and bring the pipe further into the room.

Hope that makes sense.

So I was wondering if a smaller diameter toilet waste pipe existed.
And if 90 degree bends exist that turn without a curve.
And/or if its possible to get 90 degree bends that I can insert into the soil pipe rather than having to insert the soil pipe into.

Hope that makes sense too.

What ive tried to do is use 3 toilet pan connectors (1 straight and two 90 degree) and an extension but these have flared ends where waste can pool as the pipe is almost horizontal.

I can see now that this could cause problems.

Any help greatly appreciated. I don't want to move the soil pipe exit point as I would need to climb on a dodgy extension roof and bust new tiles in the bathroom.

Many Thanks

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Hello, this is a picture of the extension roof. You can just see the soil pipe coming out of the wall. I would need to move it further to the right.
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There are flexible pan connectors which I think are untidy, and can be noisy with dripping inside them.

There are also question-mark shaped pan connectors which can bring the outlet forward and further from the wall behind the bog. You can extend this by using a short length of plain 110mm soil pipe and a basic straight pan connector into the existing soil pipe if it is not already 110mm plastic.
Thanks everyone.
I didn't want to move the soil pipe due to access problems outside.

I've looked at flexible pan connectors and i'm not sure even a 470mm one would be long enough. Also as its corrugated inside and would be almost horizontal then im concerned it would block up.

Also the back of the toilet wont allow ? shaped pipes to fit either. I'm starting to think ill have to risk the roof.
Is the back of the bog against the wall shown in the photo, or to a side wall?

You can get offset pan connectors and extension pieces.
The bog is against the wall in the photo.

I've bought a flared straight connector to come out the bog which ive cut down, then a flared 90 bend then an extension then another flared 90 bend to go into the soil pipe. I'm worried that at each connecting point crap will collect due to the flared bits.
Can you post a pic of the internal arrangements? Might help to visualise exactly what you are trying to achieve with what you have.
Can you put a 90o pan connector, a short length of 110mm soil pipe, and then a tight 90o soil bend or another 90o pan connector? There are tight 90o soil bends available.
Thanks everyone for the advise, I hired some equipment and risked climbing on the roof at the weekend. Made a new hole in the wall and solved it that way.


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