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15 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
What is the best way to fit wooden beads when glazing a wooden frame window.
Is it best to put glazing tape on both sides of the bead that come into contact with the glass and the window frame, or is glazing tape on the glass side of the bead sufficient?

Also what is the best type of tape to use for this job. I've seen foam tape,double sided foam tape, butyl tape but am not sure which would be best.

thank in advance.
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No one know this?
I need to have a look at a wooden window and see for myself really. I suppose the tape will only go on the glass side and maybe just some silicon down the other side of the bead before securing?
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I would put a bead of clear silicon around the frame, bed the glass in it, put another bead of silicon around the glass, then fit the wooden beads with panel pins.
Or use putty on the inside with glazing tape on the outside, the problem with glazing tape, they are a bugger to get off if need be.
Thanks for the responses guys.
What is the best type of tape to use thats a decent quality but not overly expensive. Its for some windows on a shed and possibly a 15'greenhouse with large panels, so it doesnt have to be great quality stuff.

Got mine from here

I think it was called Security Glazing Tape, did 90 panes of glass for my summerhouse :!:

The price was reasonable but the downside was £10 delivery.

Best to give them a ring to find out which one is suitable for yours
Thanks for that info masona.
Did you fit the glass in your summerhouse using putty on the inside and glazing tape on both edges of the beading? ie glass and window frame outside?
My beading was on the inside, so I use the glazing tape on the rebate then push the glass onto the glazing tape (must line it up every time, I've used a matchstick on the bottom of the glass to helped me to line it up, if you don't the swearing kicked in ;) ) then just put in the wooden beading in as it is because the outside is now waterproof. Important that the glazing tape have no corner gaps otherwise water will get in although there's nothing to stop you running a small clear sealant round the glass.
Thanks for that info. Certainly makes more sense to have the beading on the inside, makes fitting the glass less hassle even tho I never thought of it:)

Will hopefully save a bit of time and make a better job on the greenhouse.
Masona why is the beading usually outside ? It seems that if was inside that would avoid the need for drainage channels in the beading or capillary tubes in the rail. It seems to be so sensible that I must have missed the real reason.
Masona I was thinking about DG casement wooden windows in general. Putty is no longer used to seal the glass to the rail etc. So if the glass was placed from inside and sealed against the wood by tape. The beading can now placed inside. That would reduce the number of individual pieces of wood exposed to weathering. And no need for scaffolds for the upper story windows
That's correct, we was talking about single glass on summerhouse/greenhouse etc ;)

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