fixing ikea pax wardrobe to brick wall

13 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone!

Just moved into an unfurnished rented flat and am thinking of buying an ikea PAX wardrobe. Pre booked a van etc for next week.

can someone advice me on how to secure the wardrobe to the brick wall? what kind of fixings do i need? instruments? do i need to get a drill too?

and also, can someone advise me on what I need to refill the hole nicely for when i move out?

any idea is greatly appreciated. I'm a super novice. Thanks!
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you will need

hammer drill
rawlplugs (brown)
masonary bit to suit plugs (7mm)
screws (2""x10)
(penny washers)

pollyfilla for when you move

the bits in brackets are personal pref ;)
Ikea cup's normally come with a short fibre strap and washers to secure them from falling over [they are so feeble].
i would never screw through the back to the wall unless you can do it "loosely" otherwise as you tighten the screws the the wardrobe will deform as walls are never flat and level
strapping with around 12mm off slack will be ideal to allow a little bit off movement
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I've these wardrobes, pretty good quality as far as flat packed stuff goes, when you break your back trying to load them onto your trolley you will see what I mean.

they will come with a metal bracket you attach to the inside top corner of the wardrobe, all you need to do is push the wardrobe tight against the wall, adjust the front screw down legs to hold it in position then drill through the centre of the hole in the bracket into the wall, rawl plug, screw and the use the washer provided with the wardrobe.

Another thing to note is you may need to cut away a small amount at the rear of the wardrobe to clear your skirting boards, the vikings don't appear to have them in their houses.
Thanks guys!
I ended up buying one of argos' canvas wardrobe...(big step down from Pax) as I might move again in a year's time.

However, I got a mirror cabinet from argos and mounted it onto the wall! My first drill and mounting! That was so exciting. Can't wait to drill and mount more stuffs.

Quick question about filling the hole when I move. How do I patch the paint so it is not noticeable?
To match the paint, unless you have the original paint or know the code reference to it, you will struggle.
You may get some near misses with the common colours but the tones maybe slightly darker/lighter.
If the area is well-lighted it will be more noticable. I would consider painting the whole wall area if you are patching, if you want it cock on!
Ah. I think the landlord left a tub of paint in the storeroom. But even then, won't the patch work still stand out at a certain angle?

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