ford escort lights not working - fuse box???

19 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
the side lights and rear lights are not working on my 1993 ford escort. brake lights ok, and reversing, and headlights and indicators fine.

i went to brakers yard and bought another fuse box with same 3 numbers at the end to ensure it is compatable, but still the same problem, well actually the new fuse box also made the rear wiper not work.

changed the fuse box back to the old one, and now rear wiper ok again.

do you think my problem relates to fuse box failure, as i know its a common fault with escorts?

any other ideas would be welcome

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When you say side lights, do you mean the front side lights? If so that means you have no front or rear side lights. I'm just not sure what you mean.

Don't wish to insult you. Your thread appears a little ambigouos. therfore have you checked the individual fuses in the fusebox....

hi, yes i have tried all the fuses and all are ok, just to confirm.. i have no front sidelights, have dipped and full beam, indicators, brake and reversing lights all ok.

its just the rear lights, dash and number plate lights not working.

i was wondering if one of the relays could be faulty.. but couldnt find which relay was attached to lights in my owners manual

all help greatly appreciated

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its probably the old favourite headlight switch on the stalk,changed 2 of these on my cars,relays are situated in the bottom of the stalk unit which is visible when you remove the covers,whole assembly gets changed not just the switch
thanks very much, so you think the switch would affect the back lights and dash lights all at once? cos as i said the front dipped beam headlights are working ok?
symptoms on both my escorts were rear lights and instrument lights out, brake and fronts were ok,you could sometimes get them back on by flicking the switch on and off a few times quickly
thank you very very much. problem solved. light switch as suggested.

kind regards

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