Ford Focus problem

21 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom

I have a 2004, 1.8 TDCi, Focus estate, 56k miles.

A few weeks ago the Glow Plug warning light came on when driving at 60mph,. I stopped, turned the engine off, left it a few seconds, and re-started the engine. No further problem, and has been Ok since.

Until today!

Again, driving at 65mph, the engine suddenly felt hesitant, and both the Glow Plug and Engine Warning lights were on. I stopped the car, waited a few seconds, re-started the engine and all seems Ok - ie no warning lights and engine appears to run Ok, and finished our short journey.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is happening please?

Many thanks

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well sounds like you can rule out the brake switch then.

unless any better learned friends reply i would say it may prove worthwhile having the fault codes read.unless you know someone in the trade IT could be a tad it could be anything and everything or just a simple relay????????
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We have a few 1.8 TDCI`s on our fleet and they are very reliable, fault code scan is going to be handy in pinning down the problem!

There is a chance it could be the EGR valve but even the EGR on these engines seems to have few issues!
Yep, get the fault codes read. Not sure if a normal fault code reader will do it as the standard is from 2005 for diesels but you could be in luck. The only thing is to try it by taking it to a garage, if they can't do it then it means a trip to a ford dealer.