ford focus roof bars,,,will they fit estate model ???

4 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
hello,,,I have a ford focus estate and am wondering if the roof bars for the hatchback model would go on the estate,,,they look identical and I can think why the fitting in the roof would be any different,,,mine is a mk 2 2010 model,,,ill add pic of the bars,,,anyone have experience of this??? I'm having a hard time finding some second hand ones for my estate but there seems to be plenty for the hatches etc...... roof bars.jpg
roof bars.jpg
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Have a look at manufacturers websites and see if the parts numbers are the same.
aye the part numbers are different mate for the hatch roof bars,,,i just wondered if anyone had any personal experience of putting the hatch ones on an estate etc,,,I cant see why you couldn't but who knows......??? anybody???
Are they different because the estate has the ones for roof rails? Does your estate have rails? Then you can use any set - VW, Volvo.. - for rails as long as the length is o.k.
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no mate mine doesn't have the fitted rails,,,that would have been great as I already had one that would have fit,,,they have two plastic bits on each side that clip off and have a bolt hole underneath and you bolt the roof bars in place,,,the roof bars for the hatches look identical,,,i cant see why they wouldn't fit the estate but who knows???