Are Diesel Sales Doomed ?

And the woodburning stoves as well. I think there is an established culture of misplaced hand wringing and dodgy facts being banded around by politicians and environmental pressure groups from both sides. Its clear that man is a major polluter... by the sheer fact there are billions of us all consuming various fuels and materials. Any chance of a sensible discussion about causes and solutions is always distracted by the nutters in woolly hats who want the wheel banned as well as the cash counting major industrialists. The average Joe just sits in the middle trying to live a life of some kind. Throw into this the like of India and China who all want their share of the fun and its not looking good. Make a Nissan Leaf £15k and I'd buy one tomorrow if the range was at least doubled or make a Tesla 90D, which at least has a practical range, for £30k instead of £140k and I'd have a think about that. But someone has to "pay" or justify the huge environmental price of scrapping all those old cars, and the same for manufacturing the battery cars and the ongoing generating requirements to keep them charged. Or you are removing one type of pollution and replacing it with another.

I'd love a long term strategy without it punishing people for just doing what they were encouraged to do, buy a diesel. But who's going to convince the Indians and Chinese. Although to be fair with cars they are trying but its a drop in the ocean as China and India burn billions of tons of coal every year. Damning diesel cars without a viable alternative is just as reckless as the environmentalists have us believe owning one is

Update: Just chatting to my Spanish colleague right next to me, yes over here stealing our jobs and women, he was saying that in Spain solar energy is punitively taxed to the point where people aren't installing it. Reason ? Political pressure from, in Spain, the all powerful energy companies who saw their revenues decreasing in a country where there is, effectively, nearly 365 days a year of sun. It's a hugely controversial government policy of course and crazy. My sister live's near Alicante and it would cost her 25% more to have solar panels installed and run than using mains electric in the long run. And electricity is not cheap in Spain anyway. Its far more expensive than here.
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Is this anti - diesel hysteria just us or France and Germany etc as well ? I've just bought one of the very last Volvo V70s and couldn't have had a petrol version even if I wanted one.

I work for a company that has a large sister operation in Germany and whilst there is a move there for non diesel after years of doing the opposite. Its nowhere near as frantic. Partly due to the power of BMW and VW I suspect but, and this is very anecdotal, people don't seem inclined to fiddle with their cars DPF etc as much. But who can be sure but I do know penalties are severe if caught
Ferry companies are also fitting scrubbers to their funnels big time.

Scrubbers and catalytic converters are needed, scrubbers for the sulfur products and catalytic converters to deal with the nitrous oxides. The problem is the cat cons using ammonia or aqueous urea do not work efficiently if the flue gas temperature is below 450°C so nitrous oxides from lightly loaded engines may not be converted back to nitrogen and oxygen.
Of course, only a few years ago we were told that due to acid rain there wouldn't be one tree standing in Norway so we'll keep on producing vast quantities of carbon dioxide instead, and cutting down trees so that can't be dealt with :eek:
I guess nuclear is the only solution - which is little comfort to me living due east of Sellafield :eek:
John :)
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It's all basically a con. The EU sets targets, and everyone chases after them rather than stopping and thinking about what they're doing. Biofuels were pushed, and the rain forest got cut down to grow plants for conversion to biofuels, (as well as for cattle for the meat eaters) except that stopped CO2 getting absorbed by the trees, and I'm sure it's the destruction of the rain forest that causing some of the climate change weather pattterns. Chinas starting to cut down on it's coal fired electricity plants, but I don't think Indias following suit yet. Petrol prices are dropping because America is upping it's shale gas output, and with Chinas cutbacks, there's still too mch oil being produced. Someone on TV said that his 3 year old Mercedes was now considered too polluting, so they're obviously going the same way as us, but is that a knee ject reaction to Volkswagons shadey goings on. My diesel Freelander got written off recently, so I'll stick with the diesel van for now, and see where things go, but I'll pass on the Mini till I'm desparate.
Its not just a con its a pocket lining exercise for the Quango lovers. Its shameful and based on half truths and panic.
Its not just a con its a pocket lining exercise for the Quango lovers. Its shameful and based on half truths and panic.

That's interesting to know. So what are your figures for pollution and deaths resulting from the use of diesel vehicles?
If it's a con to support the Qaungos and all the othere interested parties, then can the figures relating to the supposed deaths from pollution be trusted. Some things can't be proved, only assumed. First we had man made global warming, then when the figures they were using got debunked, it morphed into climate change (which is real) then it suddenly became man mad climate change.

This is an extract from a recent article in the Guardian.

It is hard to know which traffic emissions have done harm to people who live alongside major roads. But a WHO report last year concluded that NO2 was an additional cause of death and the UK government’s committee on the medical effects of air pollution (COMEAP) is now attempting to put figures on it.
And Paris, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Mexico City, and other cities with life-threatening pollution. Diesel Car bans are targeted for 2025, so your current car will be gone by then. Bear it in mind when you buy your next one. The manufacturers have had plenty of warning so they will change their product lines to meet the regulations.

It's not surprising that vehicle manufacturers are not trusted to clean up their act now we know they had deliberate policies to falsify test results.

China has a terrible problem (industrial and power stations as well as road traffic), and has just woken up to it. I expect they will have a very aggressive policy of compulsion.

As a nuclear power, perhaps they will build some more reactors. They hardly ever blow up.
When all diesel drivers get together and say b***x to your anti pollution zones, imagine how long the Whitehall mandarins etc would last without without heating in the winter or aircon in the summer plus no wifi , coms or a taxi to run them to the next bean feast funded by the taxpayer. Start the revolution brothers, say sorry can't fix it mate I drive a diesel van, or hit them with your own anti pollution zone charge. Also as diesel vehicles are approx 30% more efficient than the petrol equivalent we have to import more oil, that will help the balance of payments look very healthy.
How many years do you keep your van? What is a 5-year old tranny worth? Or a ten-year old one? You might even get a scrappage allowance of a few pounds.

This is going to happen over a few years. A new generation of vehicles will be out and manufacturers will stop making diesels. If you're silly enough to buy a new diesel in four years time, once the fuel prices and road tax have been rebalanced, and certain city centres and busy roads have banned them, you'll have only yourself to blame.

Do you remember the days when cars used leaded petrol?

Do you really think you are going to close your business down in the hope of a policy reversal? And that millions of others will do the same? And nobody with a petrol or gas or electric vehicle will jump in and take your customers?
so if you stop using your diesel in protest, nobody will care.
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