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5 Jan 2003
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United Kingdom
What wrong with automatic car compares to manual ? Sadly the last 2 years I have now gone back to manual because of high running costs plus rip-off price of petrol/diesel. I have driven automatic for 17 years, so much eaiser and relaxing specially in traffic jams plus you cannot over rev them which protect your engine. I'm hoping there will be a automatic diesel but not quite catching on because the UK drivers are not interested in automatic and I find it very strange because in the USA there's over 90% automatic cars over there but they do have cheaper petrol.
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You cannot over rev most modern cars, its quite frightening when for the first time you are overtaking in a low gear & you hit max revs.
Never has problem overtaking with a 2 litres engine auto and I never even use the shift button on the gear stick for more power which drop down from 4th to 3rd for more rev. My mum's have a auto mirca a 1.3 litres and it's very nippy.

Having said this I think you do need at least 2 litres for auto to benefit.

I think the problem with auto is that most people do not know how to drive them specially when you come to the end of the road most of them just jams the brake on instead of the engine slowing you down.
Autos have their advantages. When living in London I noticed that very few people had manuals in my area. And I have never been in a manual black-cab.

I think the reason manuals are still so popular here is because the Brits are renowned for being "sporty" drivers. Up until a couple of years ago (and possibly still now) the UK versions of cars would have a slightly different engine tune and differently set-up suspension to the continental versions. What do they do in America to reinforce a car's sporting heritage? They make it "stick-shift".

With an automatic, you don't get the same satisfaction when you knock it down a couple of gears and hurl yourself past the car in front. Yes you have kick-down, but it's not the same really, is it :D I have only driven a couple of autos, but I felt like I wasn't in full control of driving. People I know with autos drive in a way that makes them appear to be barely in control. You are definitely right about knowing how to drive them properly.

Modern autos are meant to be pretty good, the torque convertors "lock" so you don't lose power to slippage whilst cruising along. There are plenty of diesel autos, the two are ideal partners as the diesel engine produces lots of torque, and the torque convertor, well, converts it ;) Seriously, pretty much any mainstream car from a Focus up to a BMW 5 series can be had as a diesel auto.
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Oooh, and the CVT autos (popularised by DAF and their "rubber band" cars) are in many cases more efficient than a manual and offer better acceleration, because they keep the engine at the optimum revs. I know someone with an Audi convertible diesel, with a CVT, apparently it is strange when you floor it as the rev counter stays stationary whilst the speedo heads up.
My parent's first car was a Daf 44, a variomatic (spelling?) I think the gearbox was like a 2 cone shape. The gear lever was forward or backward. Horrible car, you must be daf to own one :)
No diesel automatics?

Try looking, matey!!

Admittedly, some are cvt, but nevertheless, there are many out there.
securespark said:
No diesel automatics?
Sorry I didn't mention it, so doesn't matter now. I would be interested in auto diesel MPV
I was going to say "What about a Scenic auto, with automatic park-brake too?", but they only do autos on the petrol.

Vauxhall do the Zafira with a 2.0 diesel and auto. Just £1000 more than the manual :confused:

VW do the Sharan with autos and diesels.

The thing these cars both have in common, they start at nearly £20K. For a diesel van with seats and windows. :confused:

So, I was thinking, what about this?

I don't think it has 7 seats, but it comes with a 5l V10 turbo-diesel engine. Only £52K on the road, but with a 6 speed auto and 313 Pferdestärke (German horses, 1.0139 times less powerful than Imperial horses)

The funny thing is, I don't really need a 7 seats ! I love driving a lot higher up driving position and getting in & out of the driver seat is so easy or am I getting old :eek:

Sometime I borrow my mum car and the first thing I've noticed you can't see around properly and getting out of the car is harder, I can feel the muscle strain on my knee because like all cars they are lower.

I'm driving a Citroen Picasso diesel but they don't do them in auto.

I've managed to get 67mpg bearing in mind non-stop driving on the motorway, 52 mpg around town
So, your checklist is:

1) Diesel engine
2) Automatic transmission
3) High driving position

This meets the requirements


Or if you want a different manufacturer,


The first is better for runs to the tip, it carries 400 tonnes to the second one's 360 tonnes. :LOL:
Hmmm, what's the mpg ? :LOL:

Hey, be great to drive all over the traffic jams and knock down the gatso camera on the way
Well, despte all that weight being spread over a large area, they still crack the surface on ordinary roads, so they can't be driven on the motorway... Would be fun on Gatsos, I don't think the lens would have a wide enough angle to catch the whole truck!

MPG? I think GPM would be better units! Those types of truck have a 3000bhp+ diesel engine, driving a generator, which then drives ac motors, one per driven wheel (some are RWD, some are 4WD I believe). No traditional transmission, no differentials, just computer control. Driving downhill they use the motors as retarders (I guess they use them as generators and put a BIG resistor across them). They do have disc brakes but if you use them for slowing the beast down a hill they don't last very long.
have driven autos for about 7 yrs first it was a novelty because every passenger that drives a manual seems amazed that it changes gear as if by magic.(i still think its weird).
as for speed/power comparison how long does it take to dip the clutch,move gear lever,release clutch ?
i'd have thought an auto would be quicker?
plus when you approach a junction the car justs coasts along + if in drive the car will never roll back whatever the gradiant.
mr schumaker seems to go quite quick with an auto even though it has launch control. :LOL:
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