To sell or not to sell?



Hi guys I bought a 2006 VW passat 1.9TDI with 117000miles for €4700 a year ago. When I bought the car the timing belt and water pump were already done and also the wishbones. As my situation with work has changed I have no real need for a diesel as now I'm only driving around town now. I was considering selling the car and buying a reliable small petrol engine car. In the last couple of weeks both electronic handbrake calipers seized up and I replaced both of them at a cost of €610. In resent times I also noticed that a slight vibration comes into the car intermittently now and again, so my guess the DMF is on the way out. I know when replacing the DMF they will also replace the clutch while there at the DMF but all this will cost over €1000. So my question is do ye think I should trade/sell and get a small petrol engine car now or hang onto the passat now that I've spent €610 on replacing the calipers but also have the risk of replacing the DMF down the line.

Any advise?
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No real rush I guess, but you intend to change at some point so try to find a dealer who has the new car you fancy and is prepared to haggle.
Every dealer has to meet sales targets.....!
The end of the month is best - likewise just before new registration time if its a new car you want.
John :)
I wasn't thinking of getting a new car maybe just upgrade a couple of years to a 2008 and just get a small petrol engine car but now since I put €610 into the passat maybe I should stick with the passat for many years to come. Even if the DMF needs to be done in say a years time at least the the clutch will be done then also, should get another 120000 miles of trouble free motoring after that considering the parts that usually go after that amount of millage have being replaced.
Well, looking at it from that perspective, just run the car until it drops - but don't spend on any more big bills. If it does give up, then call it a day.
John :)
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If its taxed on the engine size (as you know the tax classes changed in 2008), it must be expensive to keep on the road for low mileage?

You just cant win .............
Well, looking at it from that perspective, just run the car until it drops - but don't spend on any more big bills. If it does give up, then call it a day.
John :)
yea but see that's my point is it worth holding onto at the risk of the vibration getting worse over time and then having to replace the DMF or would ye think it better to sell now. Cause I was thinking if I held ont and I did end up replacing the DMF that woułd be it I'd be holding onto the passat for ever more I would sell after investing that much money in it. Next stop for the passat would be the scrap yard.

What ye think lads?
Id probably look at getting rid of it asap without doing the clutch.
If it has a dpf then its only a matter of time before this starts to go wrong too when doing short journeys, seems about the mileage that other things start failing too.
You cant win these days with problems on dmf's, dpf's, egr's!
I would be inclined to find someone who knows these cars to confirm that the vibration is due to the DMF unless you have already done this. Don't know how many miles your car has done now but a have a 406 Hdi which still has the original DMF and clutch at 222,000 miles - depends on how its been driven of course.

When considering changing cars the saying 'better the devil you know' is often appropriate, buying an unknown secondhand car could land you with a load of different problems.

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