ford focus rear brakes scraping sound ???

4 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
hello,,,i have a ford focus estate 2010 1.6 diesel and the rear brakes recently started giving a sort of scraping sound when pressed,,,i automatically thought the pads were worn down and the steel was starting to come through and touch the disc,,,so I checked the pads and they were fine,,,i put a new set in anyway just to be sure,,,still the scraping sound is there when I brake but goes off as soon as I take my foot of the brake,,,the disc on one side is good condition with even wear,,,the one on the other side however is in a bit of a state,,,plenty ridges and very worn,,,even getting a bit steering wheel wobble when I brake also,,,could this be just a warped disc or does it sound like a sticking caliper??? when I changed the pads the piston on the side where the disc is worn was a nightmare to wind back in......anybody???
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A bit of a mistake, I think, to fit pads to such a worn will take them a good while to bed in if the ridges are severe.
Steering wheel wobble usually indicates the front discs are warped rather than the rear. Are you certain the noise isn't coming from the front?
John :)
almost certain its from the back mate,,,the discs on the front look recent and in good condition,,,its just the one rear disc on the car that looks in bad shape...
OK, best to replace that disc then....although best to do them in pairs, it isn't always necessary. Any imbalance in caliper action will show up on the MOT and if its sticky then an exchange one is the way to go.
Regarding the steering wheel wobble on braking, 99% its the front, and you can't see the run out as its so small. You may get some idea by jacking the wheels up and giving them a spin but its hardly scientific!
Often I see discs that look ok on the outside, but the inside face is a different story.
Best of luck with it
John :)
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it was the discs,,,i took it to kwik fit for a free check the other day,,,the lad stripped the calipers and showed me the the discs,,,the outsides looked fine the insides were a different matter,,,needs new discs and pads all round,,,i nearly fell of me chair when they gave me a price to do it,,,i can get a full set of mintex discs and pads off ebay for about a £100 and put them on myself,,,they quated me £550 !!! ,,,,,,how do they come up with a price like that for an hours work ???,,,ive never been in a kwik fit before in my life but it was handy for a free check anyway......
But you already knew the discs were knackered. You could have a sticking caliper as well but that's probably beyond Kwikfit to change.
aye,,,they checked the calipers mate and said they were fine,,,stripped the pads out and wound the pistons in a few times,,,I thought that the one disc that looked knackered had a sticky caliper and that the front discs looked fine,,,but when the lad had it stripped off he showed me the insides of the front discs and they were a right state,,,so turned out all the calipers were fine and it needed full set of discs and pads which I can easily do mesel for about £100,,,a big difference from £550 eh......
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