Toyota Corolla 1.6vvti rear brake pad change

6 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
I've just spent the day trying to change the rear discs and pads on a 2001 1.6vvti Corolla 5door.
The discs are not a problem but the new pads are. The brakes are a sliding caliper design with single piston. The handbrake works on the piston (not the handrake in seperate drum as per some 'rollas).

I cannot get the piston to retract enough to allow the new, thicker pads to fit in the caliper. I have been on the TOC forum and they suggest a clockwise turning motion rather than G-clamp approach.

Pads and discs are OEM replacements.

Has anyone else done this job and if so, how did you get around it?

Car is back in one piece with new discs but old pads (50% worn only) but I'd really like to complete the job properly -- it is the brakes after all...
Reason for changing them was an MOT advisory on excessive corrosion to discs.
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yeah you need to turn the pistons as you push them in, i suggest a g clamp and some water pump pliers to turn them, just be careful not to damage the dust seal, or buy the proper kit, but you should manage the 1st way
Or there may even be a an allen key fitting on the rear of the piston to wind it back in as on my car, not to sure about Corollas having never owned a Toyota.
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You really have to push hard to twist the piston back in. Thought I was gonna pop a few blood vessels!
New pads in and Brakes tested OK.

Tools required in the end were;
13,14 &15mm combi spanners, 14 & 22mm sockets, long nosed pliers, wire brush and 3 weetabix.