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14 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
This topic might have been answered a million times but Ive got some problems regarding freeview on the TVs in my house. Heres my setup...

Aerial on the roof (original, house is 30years old), a cable that goes into a splitter, 5 cables leave the splitter (4 bedrooms, 1 doiwnstairs lounge).

The bedroom closest to the aerial has perfect reception, all channels. All the others have ITV and a few other channels missing and the picture freezes now and then. Ive bought a 4 output signal booster and im going to install it in the attic (replacing the splitter), the only problem is that i need adapters to change the F connector things to coaxial ones.

Also, i just tested the booster in the lounge next to the TV and it made no difference... although in the instructions it says its strongly advised to put it as close to the roof aerial as possible.

My questions are...

1) Are the TVs getting weak signal so the booster will do the job?

2) Is the problem maybe that the cables running to the rooms are old and bad quality? (original cables)

3) Could the aerial need replacing?

** Any help very much appreciated, im losing hair over this!! :eek: **
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I think its analogue yeh becuase its super old. is it worth upgrading to a new one even tho one of the TVs does get all the freeview channels at the moment?
this is what i cant understand on the tv advert for the big switch over to digital it does not mention anything about changing your old analogue aerial for a new digital one i put 2 new digital ones in the attic and the picture is perfect and get all the channels, if i was you i would change it they are quite cheap now and to save going on the roof you could put it in the attic
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Yeh I agree, ive heard that the analogue ones 'should be fine' but i reckon upgrading a 30yr old antenna built to recieve analogue TV might be a good idea! Hadnt thought about just sticking it in the loft, good thinking.
yeh lol i like my feet on terra firmer the firmer it is the less terror!!!, 5 cables from one splitter is a lot you need a booster nearer the aerial i`ve found maplins stock it all i modified my virgin media cables last month got all the bits i needed from them cost me less than a tenner
Im gonna attempt to sort it all out tomorrow and i'll let you know how it goes too!

This is the booster i bought, from maplin....

It didnt seem to do much to either of the TVs when i tried it, i guess it might be worth trying it nearer to the aerial (which i'll get tomorrow aswell!).

The other slight problem ive got is that the 5 cables and going from the attic to all room are like this:

You think it'll be alright to get adaptors for the ends... so that they can then plug into the booster ive got? (coaxial connections)
the booster looks ok is it going in the attic if so i would be wary of damp or moisture etc those cable look ok but the thing to remember is not too many joints you`ll lose signal you can buy those convertors from wilkinsons i think, a bit cheaper than maplins other than that a complete rewire if that cable is 30 yrs old that could be a problem as well
okay so the plan is...

Step 1) Using the connections... install booster.

Step 2) If that doesnt solve the problem, install a new digital antennna in the attic.

Step 3) Failing that... rewire everything (nightmare!)

Step 4) If it still doesnt work, sell my TVs and take up reading.
yeh good plan of action you never know the booster might cure it if not its a five aerial job lol i was reading another post with the same problem so its a common problem also were do you live are you in a good signal area
Swansea, south wales. i think its a slightly dodgy part of the country for certain mux's (something like that) so thats why a bunch of channels have weak signals. Ive looked into the aerials and dont know which one i'd need really, seems like theres loads... from super basic right up to recieving communications from mars! I hope the booster sorts it all out, im starting to wish i handnt opened this can of worms haha
is there a screwfix near you just found one £27.99 or most places do them funnily enough i tried argos and they dont sell them anymore, as long as its for weak signal areas you`ll be ok, i hope it dont turn out to be a big job for you if i was`nt so far away i`d come and give you a hand let me know how you get on good luck
thanks mate you've been super helpful. I'll let u know how it goes (and how much it ends up costing!)


Got a bunch of those connectors from Screw fix for £5. Hooked up the signal booster in the attic and kept the old original antenna, everythings perfect!

I for one didnt think it would be that straight forward... cheers for the help!

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