Galaxy Dimension occasional COM FAIL

1 Apr 2019
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United Kingdom
Every so often (many months apart), my Galaxy Dimension system reports a COM FAIL for no discernible reason, and this happened again yesterday.

I'm using the E080 Ethernet interface, configured according to the selfmon instructions.
The system has a dedicated router port and its own private VLAN, to keep it away from any other troubles on my home network.
The router logs show no event at the time the fault was reported.
Selfmon shows the system successfully completing its line test on time, as expected, with no gaps. shows a BT network problem in SE England which overlaps with the time of the event.
Entering Engineer mode, and then exiting again (with the subsequent system tests that implies) clears the fault, and it's back to normal again - until the next time.

Can anyone here suggest what the issue might be? I suspect it's BT having a problem, but would like to eliminate local faults on my network if possible
Might I get round it by increasing the number of retries in menu 56.4.06? It's currently 20.
Any idea what the maximum number I can put in there is?
How long does each retry take? (And therefore how long would I be vulnerable in the event of a genuine problem).

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GalaxyGuy should be able to answer this.

coms failure suggest it has failed to communicate, it could be for any number of reasons, temporary down of selfmon, a problem at your home.
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What's the version of panel and Ethernet module firmware ?

It may be worth switching to TCP based traffic, as that's supported on SelfMon now with Microtech protocol on either port 10002 or 10022. I think 20 retries is the limit, but think that the panel retry logic itself isn't very reliable. I've asked Honeywell so many times to implement comm's fail suppression on Dimension to allow the ARC side to deal with path issues. They've added this to Flex, but not Dimension.

SelfMon hasn't had any receiver issues for nearly 1 year now with service levels exceeding 99.999% industry targets.
Thanks. I'll check the module version and get back to you.

SelfMon has been utterly reliable, as you suggest, and I don't think that's the problem - all the events I expected to see were in the log, including one a few minutes after the COM fault occurred. (I'm sniffing the RS485 links, so I have time stamps on all the messages).
How can I assign IP address to E080-10 nodule. I have tried but not able to PING.


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