Texecom Com IP & Com 2400

I thought I would make sure the problem did not lie with the phone wiring, so I have rewired the internal phone line to get rid of all the filters & the ADSL sharing the phone line. Therefore, I have changed the front of the master phone socket for one with a built in filter & separate ADSL line & have hard wired a new com2400 instead of using an rj11/BT lead from a socket. I’m getting 50V DC between lines with terminals -50V 2 to ground & 0V on terminals 5 to ground
All the phones are working & the modem/router is on line but the panel is doing exactly the same thing:
Please Wait....
Com3 Resetting....
Com3 Idle.............
Com1 Resetting....
Com1 Idle.............
Com3 Resetting....
Com3 Idle.............
Com1 Resetting....
Com1 Idle...............

Therefore, I am still no better off.
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Two thing to try to start with ring your landline from a mobile let it ring a couple of times hang up and redial again , the modem should answer , that will prove your comm2400 is working ok, just one other thing is your comm2400 a new one ?
The modem is brand new out of the box, I phoned my home line & on the second attempt, I think the modem kicked in as the phone line started to beep.
Yes it will beep then you get modem / fax tones, I asked about the comm2400 as the older ones had 5 pins and came with a jumper lead you would have to fit the the jumper lead to comm1 .
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If he got the old 8 pin and the flylead well i would be asking his supplier questions as they hsvent been that way for some time and some.

Good point though about the old units.
It has the 10 pins that plugged straight into the top of the control panel board & has 2 ports one for com 1 & the other audio.
Message center numbers are still running?

Vodafone - 07785499993
O2 - 07860980480

Both got shutdown didnt they.
I do not know about this model but some telephone data equipment is polarity sensitive, this was ( is ) often found in equioment that has to dial out. Some leads reverse pins 2 and 5 and some don't reverse them.

The A wire ( or Tip ) should be at or very close to ground potential

The B wire ( Or Ring ) should be around -50 volts ( negative ) to ground.

Ring is not the bell but refers to the ring on the operators' plugs that carried the B wire.

It might be worth checking the polarity on the PCB if there is access to the tracks and they can be identified as A and B wires. If not then try reversing the wires to terminals 2 and 5 in the phone socket.
Texecom equipment that uses the phone line is not polarity sensative.

As for the equipment can you get a dial tone on the same socket connection with a normal phone.

The panel doesn't seem to say theres no dial tone, this would happen if blind dialling was on, needs looking at completly programing and wiring.

The 07785 499993 number is still active and open telecoms have a newish service but this bit you have to register first and they will send text and email unlike the vodafone.

The o2 service was stopped some time ago.

If you want to send sms reliably try the new service or get a gsm module. However it should still be possibke to use the vodafone service but its not what you would call 100% reliable was about 2-3 weeks since i last tested the vodafone number and it worked.
The strangest thing happened this morning, I forgot to switch the alarm off & opened the back door so setting off the alarm. However, within a minute I got a text message from Vodafone telling me that the alarm had gone off with the right zone everything.
Now I am back & tried to do a test call the same thing as before happens as before.
Please Wait....
Com3 Resetting....
Com3 Idle.............

Therefore, I set the alarm off again using the P/A button & yes, I received a text message with all the correct details.
Therefore, do I leave it & just live without the test call working correctly or should I still try to get the test call working.
What worries me if it is not set up correctly it will start texting me & cost me a fortune in calls.
Now all I have to do is get the ComIP working.
No just remove any thing you don't need eg open close maintence in the tick boxes and turn off test call in global also set line fault delay to 2 mins stops you getting path fault when bt switch things over in the early hours.
Everything should be okay now

Any issues with the app setup give us a call

The only thing you may want to do is global options system timers set test call every to 000 so the panel diesnt do an auto test call every 24 hours which is the default setting

To access ip module over the net you will need to forward your router onto the internal ip of the comip module and wintex and your app would use the external ip address

Good point about the ats fault delay and bt playing around in the early hours
Thank you Hoover for all your help, hopefully i will not have to bother you again.

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