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16 Nov 2013
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United Kingdom
I have just installed a texecom Elite 48 system with a Com 2400 for receiving sms messages & a Com IP for accessing it via the internet/ mobile app, but I am having problems.
The first is that the com 2400 will not text my mobile all it will do is ring my mobile, bt have said that my line is set up for sending text messages but I have no way of testing this. I have played about with wintex but with no luck, all I want it to do is text me if the alarm goes off so I can the access it via my mobile app.
That is the next problem I cannot get the com IP to get online all I have are 2 LEDs showing that I am offline & not being recognised on my local network.
I have set up the IP addresses shown below but with still no luck.

Onboard digi com: com2400
Com port 1: Com IP
Com port 2: Not used (used Com usb to connect pc)

Com IP Details
Local IP Address:
Local IP Port: 10001
Subnet mask:

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Both ARC 1 & 2 are set to my mobile number, with sms messaging protocol.

the COM2400 sends SMS messages via a TAP service, you can use open-telecoms which you need to register for or the vodafone number 07785 499993, the vodafone number should already be in the panel.

This should be programmed in the SMS center number in setup modules.

Digi options should be enabled, and program digi should have your mobile number in along with the sms protocol selected.

You can have two mobile numbers in ARC 1 and 2 in ARC 2, if you are using both ARC's you should select dial all numbers in digi options.

Your com-ip module looks like you are using it on your local network, as you have internal ip addresses.

Message me if you want assistance with this I maybe able to guide you through it.
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okay what I want you top do is is to select test transmissions, send the update to the panel, you using a usb com or connecting locally over ip?

Then go into engineering via the keypad
7 for udl digi options
1 for the test menu
0 to do a test call it should then go through the motions of dialing out.

Dial tone,

sending etc if it starts to fail it will say wait clear delay

If you are still having problems send me a message with a number and the times i can call and I'll see if I can guide you through.
2 things you only have it programmed for sms for panic alarms, you need to tick the alarms box and have you fitted a broadband filter if this is on a Adsl line ?
sparkymarka is correct that you only have it on Priority alarms so normal intruder alarms wont go through and on the filter.

with the test option on you should be able to get a manual test message sent to your mobile phone, that will tell you that the system is functioning correctly

You also don't need to use area accounts, no need for any protocol options to be on at all when using sms via the com2400

then you can decide what reporting options you want on, I would normally suggest, priority, alarms and test transmissions as the minimum without looking at your full setup.

I would also turn off the automatic test call every 24 hours in global options global timers by setting it to 000. As it gets costly doing a test call every day via TAP service.
The screen shot showed the protocol option ticked on area account but I must of ticked it by mistake when I was taking the screen shot, but was never uploaded to the panel.
The com 2400 is connected to a phone extension socket which is fitted with a filter. The com 2400 is connected to the filter with a male to male rj11 lead connected to the modem socket on the filter.
The phone extension is permanently hard wired from the master socket which is wired around the house picking up a modem, fax machine & a couple of wired phones all fitted with filters.
if you update the panel for the test transmissions and do a test call what does the panel say?

Give us a shout with a number I can contact you on I'll go through the com2400 and the com-ip setup.

Send this via the message system on here, dont want your personal details all over the web.
The digicom should be filtered still - you say it's connected to the "modem" side of the filter using an RJ11 - It should be in the phone side of the filter. The "modem" side is for ADSL and is completely unfiltered.
I had a look on the keyboard for the test call and the following happened:
Please Wait....

Com3 Resetting....
Com3 Idle.............

Com1 Resetting....
Com1 Idle.............

Com3 Resetting....
Com3 Idle.............

Com1 Resetting....
Com1 Idle...............

This went on for about 5 minutes until I returned to the menu.
I have also swapped the filter, change the cable to a BT-rj11 plugged into the phone part of the filter.
I also tried the filter on the main master socket & another socket, which is used, for the modem/router, but nothing changed.

Think we need to go through the options manually

I dont mind ringing if you can get in front of the unit. But you need to send it via messaging

We should get initialising, wait dial tone, connecting connected sending

Or could do a teamviewer session if you wish.
With your cobbled together phone wiring, I would test for line volts in panel to ensure you have dial tone in there. Look for circa 50v DC between the two line cores. From filtered side of a filter.
Lectrician thats the problem if there was no dial tone it would say during the test no dial tone (not those words exactly)unless you have blind dialling turned on in digi options but its still worth checking the line voltage.

I think they may be one or more issues in play

Is the metal panel or the plastic 48-W , menu 4 in day mode would give you panel and version of software, which may be useful.

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