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15 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom
I'm having issues connecting to com wifi, if I connect directly to the com wifi using the laptop its all working as it should, I just cant connect through my router, I have checked the IP address and port forward over and over again my router even says that com wifi is connected to it, I just cant get to it using the IP address.

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there are adequate instructions in the comwifi manual to set this up.

without seeing what you have I am not sure where its gone wrong.

the comwifi needs to be setup to access the wireless router, the internal ip address needs to be assigned either method will work as specified in the manual, the panel also needs to be configured.
search any web site what can ping your ip and port 10001, if it will say port open when it is not a router issue. It works if you router set to allow pinging.
OK have checked that port 10001 is open and it is, if I ping the ip address assigned to it it cannot see it, even though it's clearly set up in the router for com wifi. If I connect directly to com wifi I can do everything, connect through wintex , use ricochet monitor etc, this things driving me mad!
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Have you by any chance put your laptop in the DMZ on the router? It may then be treated as being outside of the internal network, in which case you may have issues connecting to another internal device on that specific port.
Hi cchiris, I'm not quite sure I understand what your saying. Can you please put it in layman's terms for me! Thanks.
If you dont understand it, then its unlikely to be the problem, as it is a setting you have to manually apply on your router.

I assume your router is one that has a built in firewall. The DMZ is the "demilitarized zone". What this means is that you can elect a specific IP address (on most routers its just one) to be in this zone. Effectively it means that this computer is not bound by the rules on the firewall. It can send and recieve on any port it wishes - basically its a bad place to put your PC if you dont have a decent antivirus or local firewall on the PC. As this is something that you have to do manually, I assume your PC is not in this zone, and its not the problem.

I dont have com wifi, or indeed a texecom (yet). Though am planning on doing so shortly.

When you say you can connect to the comwifi directly, but not through your router, what do you mean? by through your router, do you mean over the internet?
If I connect to comwifi directly (not through router) all is ok, just can't access it through the router.
You say you can't connect via your router ? If it wireless it must be connected to your router for you to connect to ? how are you connecting to the com wifi ?
You can connect to comwifi directly, just like you would when you first set it up, it shows up as "comwifi" on your wireless network, so basically I disconnect from my router and connect directly to comwifi, this is fine for using it at home, but no good for push notifications etc when out and about
So can you see it on your network ? Has it got an address on your network ? I tend to use an app called "fing" it shows the devices on the network it's a good tool for checking devices
Yes can see it on the network, my bt home hub can see it also as it tells me it is connected to it, I have given it a fixed ip address in the home hub and opened port 10001 which is definitely open, but when I put that ip address into my browser while connected to my router I can't connect to it, when I put the ip address in my browser while connected directly to comwifi it works no problems at all, the router seems to be holding me back.
The com wifi has its own ssid, so it can be seen as its own network as being available.

You connect via that network to changes the settings of the comwifi and give it the password to connect to your wireless network.

Have to say I have been having some fun with this along with others. I have setup a new unit today and its slighty different to my first one which appears to have issues.

I followed the instructions to the letter this time just in case I changed something thinking I was clever (don't get me wrong it was working just troublesome).

The main differences that I can already see, the leds aren't as bright (fairly sure that's not a setting that can be changed so the construction has changed slightly), all 3 leds are illuminated as suggested in the manual, but on the offer device only 2 leds were illuminated out of the 3.

If this is trouble free for awhile I will go back and see if I can spot the difference in the setup, the firmware appears to be the same version for the record.

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