Galaxy Ethernet Fault - Line Fail 4

12 Nov 2019
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Hi all,

I've registered to see if someone can help me fault find this issue.

This is on an existing Galaxy Dimension system that has been running fine for over a year.
GD-520 with E080-2. I can update this post later with firmware versions etc.

Immediately after unsetting, a comms line fail 4 error came up, no other changes had or have been made.
I have tried to clear the fault, restarted the panel, verified all settings etc.
My internet/phone connection is still up.

I can see the MAC address from my switch and also after changing ports but cannot ping the panel. I have also changed the IP address but still no luck.

I use the GXRemoteControl app and all settings have been checked again as per the set up instructions.
Has anyone else experienced this? Or any other steps to help diagnose the issue?

I'm leaning towards the E080 module itself but want to be sure and fault find properly before I order a new one as they aren't cheap if it isn't faulty.

Many thanks in advance and I did have a search for this on here but I believe I've already tried everything I've read.
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Try power cycling the E080 module itself before you replace. Also, what are the LED's doing on the Ethernet module. Is the link LED coming on when you plug the Ethernet cable in ?

The E080-2 and E080-4 modules are now obsolete. They suffer from a syn-flood bug that causes the panel to go haywire / offline if under syn-flood network attack. This was fixed in E080-08 and beyond. The older modules are only worth ~£35 now due to their issues Ie. they require being protected behind a VPN with no direct port forwarding.
Thank you for that GalaxyGuy.

I’ll go check shortly and come back to you.

I wasn’t aware they were made obsolete for those reasons, cheers.
Thanks again GalaxyGuy.

So that simple power cycle of the Ethernet module has solved it straight away. Kicking myself as almost did that the other day but thought it wouldn’t be that simple.

Both comm LED’s (Ethernet and RS485) both were pulsing to their own pattern but the network LED was off. After power cycling, the network LED came straight on and was instantly able to ping. There is no usual link LED on the RJ45 port itself.

Fault now cleared, thank you.

System details for completeness:

Galaxy 520
Version 6.92
Ethernet module E080-04


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How can I assign IP address to E080-10 module. I have tried but not able to PING.

How can I assign IP address to E080-10 module. I have tried but not able to PING.

Ensure the module is on the bus - use diagnostics menu 61.1.6 to ensure CM04 is at 100%
If it's not showing at 100%, then exit from engineering mode to add the module.

Ensure menu 56.4.1 has the correct IP address, gateway and net mask. Don't use leading 0's in any address Ie. Use and not
After that, the module should be 'pingable' from another computer on the network.

BTW, please start a new thread and don't dig up 4 old threads posting the same question in each.
Thanks GalaxyGuy. And apologizing for posting same questions everywer. Coz really in a bad situation :p.
Have started a new thread explaining the whole situation. Hope you would help me in this. Would really appreciate.

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