1. J

    How to weatherproof a pre-terminated RJ45 cable? Cable gland that's large enough for plug leaves too much space around cable

    I'm having a EV charger installed, and it optionally can use ethernet. The manual has this to say about it: The diameter of that cutout is about 20mm - but I can't find a gland that would both be able to fit an RJ45 plug, which is 12.2mm (even without clip), while also being narrow enough for...
  2. bobbytici

    Electrics down to garden office, what's wrong??

    Hello everyone, Looking for some advice/opinions on some work that has been done so far to get electrics running down to our garden office. Essentially, it seems that the works done on getting electrics and an ethernet cable down to our garden office has not been done properly. I have attached...
  3. S

    Texecom Smartcom disconnections require unplugging/plugging ethernet cable

    I have a Texecom Premier Elite and SmartCom alarm system. I keep getting issues with access via the app failing, and the alarm installers haven't been super helpful, so I thought I'd see if I could get some clues here. The SmartCom (CEL-0001, Hardware Revision 26 if that helps) is connected to...
  4. Jennymol

    Is this Ethernet compatible?

    Is this Ethernet or Wi-Fi only? If a company required Ethernet (Wi-Fi not permitted) will this be sufficent? Thank you!
  5. M

    Honeywell Flex 50 ethernet module A083 not recognised

    I am having trouble with my Flex 50 panel recognising the ethernet module. It was working, but I was making some changes to the setup and removed it temporarily. Now when I connect it and go to autodetect option 72 it does not recognise if I connect or disconnect it and I cannot get it to work...
  6. F

    Splitting Airband internet

    Hi, I have a customer who has airband going to one house currently, and wants to split it to another house at the same site (its a farm with 2 cottages) Is there any reason why I cant do what is shown in the drawing attached? Basically the airband dish and power supply is currently at the barn...
  7. L

    Network with Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 cable

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help. I am planning to re wire the network cables and trying to future proof as well. I was wondering whether there is any difference between cat6 and cat6a cables. Also reading on the internet, users have commented that cat7 is a pain to install and if...
  8. A

    Galaxy Ethernet Fault - Line Fail 4

    Hi all, I've registered to see if someone can help me fault find this issue. This is on an existing Galaxy Dimension system that has been running fine for over a year. GD-520 with E080-2. I can update this post later with firmware versions etc. Immediately after unsetting, a comms line fail 4...
  9. I

    Honeywell galaxy ethernet module e080-2 'S' terminal

    Hi all - I've installed an e080-2 ethernet module (F099 01 208 on the chip sticker) into a Honeywell galaxy g2-20 (v1.56), connecting rs485 A/B and aux power +/-. It's not working - the panel seems to recognise the correct number of modules on the bus, but ethernet diagnostics under menu 60...
  10. KYem

    Help with wiring - Ethernet/phone

    Last month I moved in to a new house, brand new floor, wiring, kitchen, ceiling etc. essentially everything was replaced. Problem is, there is no master socket installed, but there is a cable coming in along the wall from the outside, that looks like phone/Ethernet cable I have been trying to...
  11. B

    Ethernet Cable inside electrical Plug sockets

    I'm going to run cat5e cable under my floor boards I was wondering if I could run the Ethernet cable up through the plug back box and then out to the left through a hole and through another hole I drilled in Ethernet back box and then terminate there. Picture: Obviously...
  12. K

    Ethernet requirements for Ring Elite Doorbell

    Hi all, I'm planning on buying the Ring Elite for my new front extension project. I already have Cat5e to the front for my existing CCTV camera with PoE, so two pairs already used up from this one cable. I'm hoping that the Ring Elite only needs two pairs too, so I can use the remaining two...
  13. M

    Fitting ethernet adapters across phases

    We have a house on three phases, the main house on phase one and the guest house on phase two. TP Link socket adapters are used to send ethernet from the upstairs router to the ground floor. In order to get a data connection to the guest house we can fit two single sockets in the meter...
  14. eveares

    TLC's UTP CAT5e cable is Copper Clad Aluminium!?

    According to this page and TLC's printed brochure, the 50M and 100M cuts of the internal UTP CAT5e cable are CCA over 0.5mm Aluminium and are not pure copper. Despite reading online that CCA CAT5e cable is non compliment, I can't find anything in the TIA-EIA-568-B.2 standard what says solid...
  15. dilalio

    CCTV with intercom for garden office

    morning all. I'm usually found in the plumbing forum so first time here... howdy (y) I have a largish lodge type building at the end of my garden which my sons use for drumming and gaming and generally keeping out of our way. When I built it several years ago, I ran 4 or 5 strands of Cat5e down...
  16. S

    Ethernet over power (powerline) flakey after installing 2 LED floodlights

    Title explains most of it! Swapped out two old halogen floodlights (500w) with LED lights (50w). Nothing fancy needed with the electrics. Since installing, my normally reliable ethernet over power plugs (Devolo) are dropping signal almost continuously when the external lights go on (I first...
  17. K

    Ethernet cables through ceiling & joists or cavity wall

    Hello, I wasn't sure how to categorise this question so feel free to move it into more suitable sub-forum. I'm looking for some advice. I'd like to route some (7-8) CAT6 Ethernet cables from downstairs living room (router) to the upstairs bedrooms. Most of the cables will be used for...