Is this Ethernet compatible?

2 Nov 2022
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United Kingdom
Is this Ethernet or Wi-Fi only?

If a company required Ethernet (Wi-Fi not permitted) will this be sufficent?

Thank you!

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Don't know, but you would be better off if you posted in audio & visual.
That's just a phone socket. Hopefully a router is attached, which will have both WiFi and some ethernet ports (usually 2 or 4). If you need more than that for a business, you need a separate Ethernet Switch.
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The image you have posted is the incoming connection (Copper cable carrying the internet connection); as Foxhole says it has a Router plugged into it. It is the router that converts the signal carried on the cable into Ethernet and/or WiFi. If you want Ethernet connection you have to access the 'engineering' pages of the router* and switch the Wifi off. The router paperwork supplied with the router will tell you how or ask your supplier. I understand you request about ethernet (cabled) only connection.
However sometime in the next 2to 3 years you will be converted to Fibre to the House (FTTP) when the router may change. But even then it should still have ethernet (LAN) cabled ports. This should help explain.