1. H

    honeywell galaxy wireless smoke detector

    hello, I have 2 honeywell galaxy systems, a g2 and a flex, but is it possible to connect one RF smoke detector (DFO800M) to 2 systems, thanks in advance
  2. T

    Galaxy G2 question re Master and Engineer codes

    Hi I have an old Galaxy G2 setup that is serviceable. It is the usual story, installed by ADT by last house owner and when I moved in I didnt want to pay the decomissioning fee - I therefore managed to reset the engineer code and disconnect telephone etc so it is stand alone. I did this 10 years...
  3. J

    Honeywell Galaxy - Stuck in engineer mode & RIO 102 AC fail

    Hi all, I have some experience with Texecom but none with Honeywell and have just inherited a Galaxy system in a property that I have taken over. The alarm seems to be stuck in engineer mode. The error shown when trying to exit engineer mode is RIO 102 AC FAIL. There does seem to be an...
  4. P

    Honeywell Galaxy Ethernet Problem Comm Fail Com 4 running with SelfMon

    Good morning, Am hoping that someone can help me to get to the bottom of an issue with my Honeywell Galaxy 96 G3 V6.5 Alarm. The panel has a E080-10 ethernet module V4.14, However every time i connect this module everything works however he alarm repeatedly goes into "Comm Fail Com 4" alarm and...
  5. C

    New 2022 ADT Bell Box (Active) Install help?

    I have a question about the new ADT 2022 bell box installation. I'm connecting to a Galaxy G3, replacing a 25 year old original square metal Elmdene ADT box with metal flap microswitch. No Problems with the wiring, its the mechanical fixing that has stumped me. It is the wall tamper that I'm...
  6. M

    Honeywell Flex 50 ethernet module A083 not recognised

    I am having trouble with my Flex 50 panel recognising the ethernet module. It was working, but I was making some changes to the setup and removed it temporarily. Now when I connect it and go to autodetect option 72 it does not recognise if I connect or disconnect it and I cannot get it to work...
  7. S

    Honeywell Galaxy 2-12 C012 - Reset to Factory

    Hi all, can anyone help... I have access to the engineer code 112233 and 1234 now after doing the reset using the method posted below on a previous post on this website: • Pulled fuse/mains power • Disconnect Batteries • Disconnect both tamper wires • Disconnected all other PIR / BELL / wires...
  8. J

    tcc800m honeywell fob with galaxy flex.

    I have the above fob intalled on my Flex 100 alarm. When I activate the PA buttons all I get is the internal speaker ringing OP3. I want the bells as well. Is there a way I can put a wire between OP3 and the bell box to get them both to ring at the same time? Thanks for your responses in advance.
  9. L

    RIO Function for triggering floodlights (Honeywell Galaxy Dimension)

    Good evening, Could someone tell me what the best function to use to trigger floodlights on a Dimension via RIO? I have a working relay set up, and is triggered fine by the panel and does cause the floodlights to turn on and off. I had the RIO output set to trigger if the BELLS were on - since...
  10. M

    honeywell galaxy flex 50 with 5800 series wireless sensors

    Hi, I am hoping there is a way to use 5800 series wireless sensors with the Galaxy flex alarm panel. The RF portal which is intended for use with flex operates with 868Mhz sensors but there is a very limited choice whereas the 5800 series are compact and include flush mountable door and window...
  11. M

    Honeywell TouchCenter communication issues and lightning control

    Hi, I'm having frequent (couple times a day) keyboard lost-problem with TouchCenter Plus connected to GD-48 (firmware 7.something). Keyboard diagnostics give connection quality varying between 0% and 100%. Cabling is Cat5 unshielded/ Cat6 shielded, last part to mk8 keyboard is 2-pair shielded...
  12. C

    Honeywell galaxy error code

    Can anyone help with what this error code is on my Honeywell galaxy flex alert-PA RST alarm won’t sent due to this Any help would be amazing
  13. B

    Galaxy with Viper issue

    Hello - appreciate anyone spending a minute to read this and offer some advice. I've moved into a house with an ADT Galaxy 2-20 system (v1.10). The system seems to have developed a fault with the Viper shock sensors which won't allow me to set the alarm. When I view the status in the menu...
  14. J

    PIR signal strength Honeywell Flex

    Please could somebody verify I got this right. On keypad menu 21 display zones. For my RF zone I get Sig 10 low 08. I take sig is current signal which is "excelent" Low refers to the lowest it has ever been? Meaning 10 excelent and 0 crap?
  15. J

    Pir eating batteries

    Hi, I have installed my first wireless le sucre PIR on my flex system. Everything went ok with pairing until next morning I get keypad message rf batlow. Result: I am on my 3rd battery in 3 days!! Has anybody had this problem? Many thanks,
  16. C

    Honeywell galaxy flex final zone issue

    Hello looking for some guidance and help if I may I have just started a project to try install a Honeywell galaxy flex I completely understand it’s probably over kill for a house and someone will tell me it’s not for a DIYer but am having a go never the less I have it all set up and working...
  17. J

    Honeywell galaxy Le Sucre Wireless Piezo Shock Sensor

    Hi, I have a flex system and am looking to install a wireless shock sensor. Before I buy one Does anybody know how these are fitted to the window frame as i dont want to drill holes in my aluminium frames. Will double sided tape be ok? Many thanks for responding. Jeramy
  18. W

    Honeywell Galaxy Dimension mystery (moved)

    Hi Last night my keypad sounded (alarm off at the time) and it showed a fault of +RF Entrance Hall It emitted a tone a few times before I entered my code to see the fault. It did it again this morning. Cant find this fault code in the manual. I think it relates to the wireless door sensor I...
  19. J

    Flex Direct mount RF Portal A073-00-01

    Hi, I have just got my hands on Honeywell RF Portal A073-00-01. In the flex maual it shows it comes with a directional antenna but mine came with out one. Does this mean it mean I am missing one or is it built in? Many thanks in advance. Jeramy
  20. Bodgy Bob

    "Facility Code" Honeywell Galaxy Flex DCM

    @GalaxyGuy have you ever programmed a "facility code" into a Honeywell Galaxy Flex panel with a DCM module and HID iClass reader? Can't seem to find an option for configuring it anywhere.