Galaxy Flex siren not working.

30 Dec 2014
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi all, I have just installed a Galaxy Flex 20 panel which has a trigger module installed however the siren which is connected using op1 and op2 (bells and strobe) on the trigger module as per instructions and other cables connected to panel as normal (0v, 12v and T) the siren does not sound under test or alarm. The siren has power and will sound if power removed from panel as normal. Im at a loss why this is can anyone shed some light on this please. The siren is a Texecom Odyssey X3.
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Bit rusty on galaxy , better asking galaxy guy the output set to latch ? And have you altered group setting ? Remove the bell trip wire from output and touch to 0v if it rings it's a panel or programming issue
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Test the siren using the instructions from Mark above.

Menu option 51.50 needs to be enabled to tell the panel the trigger module is fitted.

When 51.50 is enabled, the panel converts the on-board outputs 1001 and 1002 into control lines for the expander on the trigger module. The outputs are no longer available on the main PCB, but are available again from the trigger module.
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Hi as instructed I have connected the bell wire direct to 0v and it sounds. The trigger module is enabled but under test in the panel nothing happens for bell or strobe
I have also checked there is 14v present at the trigger module input but the led in the centre of the pcb is not active.
The jumpers are just pull ups for the open collector outputs. Something else must be wrong. If you switch off the trigger module and wire the bell and strobe into the regular outputs, do they work under test?

Can you provide a photo of your wiring of the trigger module ?
Hi i have removed the module and connected the outputs direct to the panel and all works ok. I used the lead with the module connected red to 12v, black to 0v, and yellow and green to panel outputs 1 and 2. Then the bell and strobe to trigger module output 1 and 2 respectively. Sorry didnt take a pic before removal. I followed the sheet of instruction supplied with the module.
What's your panel firmware version. I'll bench test the config for you.
Okay, checked this out this evening. Sorry for the delay - very busy at the moment.

When the module is connected, as soon as you enable the trigger module in menu 51.50, the LED on the trigger module should illuminate. The test on bells and strobe then pull down OP1/2 as expected.

Can you just double check what your wiring was - You said yellow/green in OP 1/2 above. Just to ensure that it's Green in OP1 and Yellow in OP2.

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