Gap between window and brick/plaster

1 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
I have just had new double glazing installed and there is a gap where the old wooden frame was. The new window frames are thinner than the wooden.
Most people have wooden frame/facing round there to hide this.
I would like to plaster it to the window for a neater finnish.
Can this be done?
Do I need to insulate the gap first?
I also had a window removed and a french door installed and there is a 10mm difference between where the window was at the top half and where the wall had to be cut at the bottom half for the door.
Whats the best way to fill and finnish this off?

Thanks in advance.
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Assuming I've understood correctly, the gap is on the reveal & the frame is behind the existing plaster line; just break away the edge of the existing plaster with a hammer/chisel to give a raged edge & provide a good key (reduces risk of cracks forming) & re-plaster up to the frame. I don’t normally like one coat plaster but in your case it may be the best option to fill the gap without cracking; otherwise you will need to use 2 different types of plaster, Hardwall or Bonding + Multifinsh. I assume they have sealed between to outside of the frame & the external brickwork!

If the gap is over the top of the French door, you could use expanding foam or if it's 10+mm, fill it with a 6:1 sand/cement mix (from both sides) & finish off with beading.

Are the windows wood or UPVC? A decent installation company should have included for finishing & remedial works at least externally & it’s something I always advise to confirm before signing on the dotted line!
Coming from the window to a gap to the plaster.

They are PVC frames.
The outside had a few bits of harlan come off but this was patched up.
I didnt want the finnish on the windows as I personally dont like it. I prefer the plaster to the window thats why they didnt do it.

I thought about one coat thanks for confiming that.

Is it OK to put one coat on about 10mm thick?
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kevtrydiy said:
Is it OK to put one coat on about 10mm thick?
Yes, that's why it's called one coat! Give the brickwork & raw plasater edge 2 good coats of PVA, the second just prior to applying the plaster. You will need to wait much longer for it to go off than conventioal plaster before you can finish off flush with the surrounding area.

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