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26 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
My house has an integral garage which is 1/3rd protruding out with the remaining 2/3rds under the bathroom. I have recently had a doorway cut into the front section of the garage to house my kitchen temporarily while I build a new kitchen.
Now that I have done this I am keen to keep the doorway and turn this area of the garage into a utility room which would involve a stud wall to segregate from the rear part of the garage and then changing garage door to window etc.

My question is this, I need to put a door on this doorway to temporarily secure the house whilst the garage door is still in place. building control have said its a garage so must be a fire door + closer etc but my understanding would be that it would no longer be a garage when the stud wall and window was in.

I dont want the expense of a fire door + closer etc if not needed but dont want to not fit it and then need to when the BC come to pass it.

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So if I'm understanding your post correctly you will end up converting your garage into a utility room so that it will no longer be a garage at the end of the development? You would normally need to fit a fire door to a utility room door however it sounds like the utility door will be accessible from the hallway (means of escape from upstairs) so that may be where he is coming from as that hallway should provide a protected means of escape from upstairs to the front door. The new fire door being necessary to maintain protection to it. Definitely won' need a closer though (again assuming I've understood correctly).
New doorway is through the porch which is on the front of the house. From the porch there are three doors, one to the garage, front door and then the main door to the main body of the house.
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Yes it would be opening from the porch which you have to go through to exit the front of the house.

How does its differ from the lounge door for example which is not a fire door?
Utility rooms are considered (rightly or wrongly) to be more of a fire risk than a living room. They are also less likely to be occupied giving any fire that did begin more chance to take hold before occupants are aware of a fire.
So in that case would I be better off calling it a hobby room for a model train set or something as equally tranquil rather than a utility room do you think?

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