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1 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom

Sorry for yet another garage conversion questions, i have done a search but found nothing to my circumstances.
i live in a semi detached house with a brick garage attached to the side, i plan to knock a doorway through the living room into the garage and section off half (maybe a little more) for a play room and leave half as the garage, so the garage up and over door will still remain. (no change on the looks from out front)

1. I assume i wont need PP? will i have to contact the cancel regarding building regs.?

2. i plan NOT to put a window in the room as this adds to the cost. allot of light comes into the lounge anyway, will this cause a problem with regs or anything else etc..?

3. Do i really need to contact the council, if i do it (i have a builder in family) are they ever going to find out..?

4. The outer garage wall is only i brick thick, will studded insulated walls be sufficiant for warmth?

Sorry for all the questions im sure you have heard them all before, any help and info would be great you clever bunch! ;)
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1. The only way to find out if PP is necessary is to contact your Planning Department. Reason being is that the majority of authorities do not take too kindly to garage conversions, which would result in the loss of off-street parking. In a situation I was involved in, I just had to provde there was still adequate off-street parking if the garage conversion went ahead, which it did and the planning department were happy. The conversion of the garage in my situation was also a condition attached to a previous planning application so I had to have that condition varied in order for the works to go ahead. You may have PD rights... but you may not. They may have been removed previously and again... only the Planning Department could tell you that.

2. Is there an external door that could be used for natural ventilation? This would also have an effect because in some cases, these new rooms could be classed as inner rooms.

3. Yes... or you could be liable to enforcement/court action. It will cost you a lot more time and money if you are picked up on it during/after the works have been completed rather than getting it all sorted out prior to commencement.

4. The majority of garage conversions do will incorporate a new internal stud wall to achieve the require u-values. The existing ceiling/roof and floor would also need upgrading. The installation of insulation and a screed to the existing garage floor would be used to make up the difference in level between the existing house and the garage and thus preventing a step.
Electrics and heating will need to comply.

You may need to install mechanical ventilation.

You may need a smoke detector.

125mm of celotex added to inner stud walls (100mm between and 25mm across the studs) and the new roof covering (100mm across and 25mm tight between as in warm deck) will probably suffice. If you use 140 mm of celotex for the walls you may not need to add any inso' to the floor.
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You will also need a fire break between the room and garage.

There are many things to consider with your proposal, and taking a short-cut is not a good idea. Do it properly or not at all.

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