Garden flooding and drain pain

21 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
I've got a new build (yes, yes, I know!). Out of warranty etc. I'm second owner, just moved in. Garden issue wasn't picked up by survey... long story.

The garden is pooling water right by the house. Garden is boggy. I've had lots of companies come round to quote, tut and shake their heads and give lots of different and contradictory ideas. I'm baffled.

General consensus is that I need an aco drain running at the back of the house and flags put up against house so it's not against the clay soil.

I've had different opinions on:
1) Should flags be directed towards drain or away from house. I'm concerned about flooding against house so it seems mad to direct water this way.
2) Whether I also need a French drain
3) whether a French drain can go into a soakaway here as it might not be possible to make it 5m from buildings and I don't know how stable the ground is. It's a very wet area not far from a river anyway.
4) if a French drain running through garden is allowed to go into the drain with the rainwater. I've been told yes and no.
5) Whether a French drain is the best option or if it might work just as well to excavate entire garden, and replace clay soil with other stuff then returf.

My concerns are protecting the house against water and damp; meeting buildings and legal regs (as I wish to sell the house in a few years); not blocking or overruning existing drainage system; not causing my neighbours issues with their houses or gardens.

I've been reading about drains and I'm none the wiser. I'd appreciate any advice or help please. I've got horrendous anxiety every time it rains!

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I know someone that had a soakaway in the back garden and it never worked that well.
Aco drain along house wall with some kind of drain in garden not an option? Always best to get rid of water into local storm drains.
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