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Garden/Garage office

Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by paulwatson5, 29 Jul 2020.

  1. paulwatson5


    4 Jun 2014
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    Tyne and Wear
    United Kingdom
    Hi guys,

    I work at home for a minimum of 3 days a week and this is going to change to 5 days within the coming year (thanks to covid).

    We have a 3 bed house and we have 2 kids so I’ve not got a spare room for an office so I’ve been stuck at the dining room table which isn’t the best.

    so, my plan was to either build a summerhouse 8ft x 8ft approx 30ft from the house (cost of £950, then electrics, insulation etc) but I’m now weighing up the option of converting half of my garage into an office. The garage is attached to the house and on the other side is attached to another garage so is pretty well insulated (breeze block on garage/garage wall and double skin brick on the other places.

    The garage already has electrics and lighting etc so that would cut down the cost. I’m planning on doing the work myself (total amateur) And just wondered if anyone had any opinions or advice on me doing this?

    what materials? 2x2 beams, insulation panels then either plasterboard or osb attached to the surface?planning on sealing the floor but not raising it, just hard wearing underlay/office tiles/carpet.

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