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19 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom

Wonder if anyone can help....

I bought a hose with attachments...great :D .. or so i thought :cry:

As my garden is right beside my kitchen there is no need for an outside tap, just a case of using my kitchen taps then feeding the hose thru the window..or so i thought :cry:

I cant get the connector attached to the hose to stay on the tap...taps are standard kitchen one. :oops:

Do i need a special attachment?

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Ive tried several different types of attatchments on several different types of taps and none of them really work without spraying water everywhere.

Infact, the last one i tried needed so much force that the tap snapped off and water sprayed EVERYWHERE.
From then on i just used a secondary tap with a screw nozzle which you screw the hose onto. Alot less mess.
(i have one installed in my kitchen cupboard which saved banging holes through my wall)
Cover the whole thing with an industrial rubber glove with the fingers cut off and clamp it at both ends with heavy duty cable ties or jubilee clips, no more leaks.
Also look for a tap connector that has a soft rubber, most tend to be very hard and if it's a tight fit lube it with a bit of saliva instead of washing up liquid so it won't slip off as soon as the pressure goes on it. :)
Thanx for replies....

The tap end just cant hold the connector.

Kitchen taps are as below -

Surely there must be a connector to fit these without a) Having to replace taps and b) doing the rubber glove thing.

Again..thanx for comments and advice
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You can fit a bib tap undr the sink as easy as putting in washing machine tap (and washing machine taps will actually take a screw-on hose fitting).
The problem is, how do you know when it's leaking inside when you're outside with the hose?

What about fitting the Garden Tap Kit?
the other problem is even when you get it seated right, which is a nightmare, you walk up the garden with the hose merrily using it, give a slight pull on the pipe and oh the pressures dropped, wonder why.......2 seconds later the penny drops.......rush into the house to find a nice indoor water feature happening all over the kitchen!
masona said:
The problem is, how do you know when it's leaking inside when you're outside with the hose?

What about fitting the Garden Tap Kit?

I installed one of these some years ago, still going strong and no leaks. Simple to fit.

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