Gas supply pressure

4 May 2011
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United Kingdom
I am looking at a circuit problem in another post, but this query will be best considered separately;

I have a 40kW boiler plus a gas fire on my standard 6.4cuMtr meter. In addition I have a second 30 kW boiler heating a swimming-pool. If all are on at one time it is obvious that my gas pressure will be too low. [I have no problems with it at present, but consider problems could occur if I replace the old 40kW boiler with a modern condensing boiler.

To avoid a new meter and possible new supply, it has been suggested that some interlock valve could be employed. This would prevent or shut down the second boiler when the first boiler was operating. Then allow the second to restart once the first had shut down.

This could be done either on the gas pressure OR more simply an electrical interlock, preventing both operating simultaneously and giving priority to the first boiler.
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