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18 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
My daughter has a double door in her flat, , two panes each door (top and bottom), sealed double glazed.

It is door height but you cannot walk though it because she is on the first floor and there is no balcony, just a railing immediately outside the door.

One pane has developed a crack and she wants it replacing.

What are the regulations as this is not really a door.

Does it have to be toughened/laminated or anything line that?
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I think the simple answer is that if the glass is below around waist height then it has to be toughened or similar to British Standard. This can be achieved by heat treatment to toughen the glass, laminated glass or adding an approved plastic safety film onto the glass. Either way it must meet the BS.

If you look up the relevant Building Regulation it will tell you the standard required.

A glazing company will know what type of glass is required.
Presumably the doors can be opened?

If so they are doors ...... doors which can be blown open or slammed

If not they are glazed panels and the regulations appertaining to glazed panels apply
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The "doors" can be opened but you cannot pass through them (railings and the drop would stop you). The bottom is also around 6" above floor level with a painted window sill. Doesn't this make them opening windows?

Cracked panel is in the top half.
doors which can be blown open or slammed


Woody - does not say that anywhere in the links aI have found on the rules, including the one above. In fact it only part of the pane would come under the regulations for the zone. Can you clarify where your information comes from.

Looks like it will have to match the existing to avoid a different tint.
The regulations were implemented based on risk analysis of the hazards/possible injuries from glass at vulnerable locations.

A swinging sheet of glass (whether in a door or window) is more likely to sustain damage and more likely to cause injury if damaged, than a fixed, or limited opening casement window.

So its immaterial whether the door is used as a door or not, its the principle which matters.
click on image for clarity.

this should clarify the situation. the red area is critical location and needs to be glazed to bs6206
Are the rules missing the point here . . .

The biggest risk is surely large fragments falling from a top pane and causing injury when they hit you. The rules actually permit untoughened glass in the top and it is this type that created the large splinters!
But the risk is that areas outside the impact zone (critical location are not at as much risk of breakage as the areas at risk i have been involved in glazing for over 20 years and never known a top light to cause injury. correct me if I am wrong.

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