Glow worm 24cxi leaking water

If its any consolation I have had the same fight you are having a few times.

You need a lot of patience, silicone grease and cleanliness. A single hair across the o ring can cause a leak
Watch out for split plastic as already mentioned
Take care that you dont get a nick, cut or chafe on any O ring.

Follow that copper pipe across to the left of the boiler and theres a non return valve there that has a habit of leaking too. This usually settles down after a while but sometimes needs a container underneath to catch drips until it does.
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One problem though! When I came to turn the water off at the mains it wouldn't completely stop the water flowing. I thought I was going to break the mains isolation tap I tried so hard but it won't turn off any further. So I tried waiting for ages to see if it would stop but there was always a substantial trickle coming through the kitchen tap. So I guess I need to get the water company out now as well as a plumber?!

You just leave the kitchen tap running until you have finished.

I put a cardboard box over the taps to stop anyone turning them off.

Stupid customers have turned them off 2-3 times in succession before what I tell them sinks in!

Hi, I know this is an old thread nut my 30cxi has developed a leak similar but in a slightly different part of the housing in that area. It appears to be a super fine jet of water from the Dcw inlet housing. How easy is this to replace for a novice or should I get the engineers back yet again?
For a pro this is probably pretty easy as boiler repairs go.

But I saw a similar fault and the leaking water had damaged the electronic parts of the boiler!

But perhaps not one of the easiest for a DIYer although there is no very specialised knowledge needed.

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Ive narrowed the fault to a part number from the diagrams. This seems to be a simple unclip, pop out and replace job. Please some advice would be very welcome.

2000801906 - SANITARY FILTER 24 VR



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Well part came today, £22 Inc delivery. Decided to give it ago after a little advice. 10 min job start to finish and signs that the engineers that I'd paid hugely for the privilege of using in the past had obviously bodged the job. Part I removed had obviously been altered and refitted.
New part popped in and all back on, repressured and £200 saved, jobs a good un.


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