Glowworm System Pro Hive Conversion

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    15 Aug 2021
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    BB1206D5-95B2-4119-8559-D300220A921F.jpeg 764ED528-0D18-4BA8-B2DE-7DE8A87EAB46.jpeg 05717EF4-197C-4EEC-BC11-5CD70DB2458E.jpeg Hi Everyone, desperately in need of some help.

    I’ve bought a new hive dual channel, multi zone kit, to replace climapro remote thermostat system.

    The old programmer is a systempro, which also acts as the wire centre.

    Do I need to start from scratch and get a new wire centre and wire boiler up in s plan?

    Or can I use the old programmer as the wire centre?

    The boiler is far away from the hot water cylinder and programmer.

    I believe I have to remove the jumper between 24v as hive dual channel is permanently powered by 240v.

    Any advice appreciated.
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