Gmailify & AOL

8 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom
Anyone had an experience of GMailify importing from AOL? I've successfully done this within my GMail account, but can't then get GMail to forward those imported emails on to another address.

My wife and I share an AOL email address, but as we receive some to that address emails which are only relevant to one of us, and to allow us to administer our email independently, we both have our own GMail addresses, which both receive the AOL mail by forwarding - or did until it stopped working!

Last weekend it stopped forwarding to one address so I deleted the forward and tried to set it up again. GMailify has been developed since we started working in this way years ago, but it appears that any GMailify imported files can't be forwarded within GMail. Trying to get GMail to import AOL mail inputting POP£ or IMAP server settings doesn't seem to work either. I get time out errors to POP3 server errors.

Anyone found a way round this?
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