Good intention

1 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
I drove into the car park of my local Tesco today just to get a few things, it is situated next door to a major hospital, and there were dozens of vehicles in the corner, vans, lorries all marked up with the normal logo.
Good I thought, the number of times I had thought about giving blood, sending those postcards in, and never getting a contact or appointment. I had an hour to spare so I will go in and give blood, NOW.
I parked the car and walked over, arriving at the collection of vehicles, I could clearly see the abbreviations "B T F S", loads of them.
Silly s*d, Bristol Television and Film Service; and when did the Blood Trans Fusion Service ever exist.
Enough said I think.
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One of the most famous phrases of all time....'I thought it was................' :LOL:
I wanted the ground to swallow me up when I asked a girl at a garage once if Superchips could fix a vandal scratch on the Czech Chariot.......

I went into the Sandwich shop yesterday morning , bought 4 sarnies and 4 coffees and , without thinking , asked the rather large young lady who served me if she had a big box. !!
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Yes, I've been into a chippy with a special on chicken (for J). Often the chicken is not available because they sell out quickly. So I asked the girl if she had chicken breasts today........... :oops:

The poor thing blushed like beet....
Once went out to the ice cream man in front of most of my neighbours and asked for two 69's :oops:
I was going to say "it would go down better" if we knew who said it, David or Julie, but then you would have had your mouth full by then, but would you get a flake with it?
david and julie said:
Once went out to the ice cream man in front of most of my neighbours and asked for two 69's :oops:

At least you didn't say, "Can I have a 69, mate??"
i was doing some work on my sink the other day & my 6yr old son said to my wife "wheres dad"she replied "he's doing some plumbing"so he then says to me "wheres your plum dad"stupid boy. :LOL:
You ever had one of those moments when you keep saying the wrong word but you don't realise it?

Last week I explained to one of my managers that I had sent him the hysterectomy he required... I'm sure he found it very useful but a histogram would have been more useful. :oops:

And a couple of years ago I gave a presentation that explained how my (female) boss was organising a "Revue" (yes, as in the type with dancing girls!) :eek:
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