Grassing over a Flower Bed

9 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Just a quick question. I have removed an unsightly flower bed from the front garden and have since grass seeded it. The grass has grown nicely but it is noticably different in colour to the rest of the grass. As i am intending to do the same thing in the back garden but on a bigger scale my question is will the two different types of grass eventually look the same or will there always be a marked difference?
If there is will it mean taking up the existing lawn in the back and re seeding the whole thing to get it too match?
Or would i be better off turfing it all? If so how much is turf per sq/m?
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I re seeded two strips in my back garden. I laid a new path on the old & just added soil to the new height then seeded, that was 2 years ago.

I can see a difference in colour, but I am looking for it, it was the easy cheap way.
given a bit of time it will match.

An even cheaper way, is to prepare the new surface and leave the old grass to seed and spread, within a year it will have colonised the bare patch. You will have to mow it to suppress other weeds.
Thanks for the advice chaps.
All that leaves me to do is level it off and sow a bit of seed. Sounds easy but no doubt will take up a weekend.
Any tips on how to get the ground level? Roller or whacker plate or walk up and down a plank?
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The difference in grass colour can be the difference between 'new' grass and the old on less fertile soil. give it a feed and it should all be the same colour. Try also to match the blend of grass which is sold per task in hand eg utility for heavy duty to very fine golf green stuff that doesnt like to be walked on.

To get a flat bed, rake say north to south. tread on it toe to toe, rake again east to wets tread toe to toe. Keep looking with the eye and rake off the high spots into the low spots. repeat until its flat enough for you. Grass needs a good firm bed to grow on so resist digging over or you'll bring the weed seeds up to the surface. Grass sowing best done late september so the roots can establishthrough the winter without risk of droubt.

Grass seed is cheaper and easy to sow and after a year you'll have a god lawn. Turf may appear to be instant but you will have to pile on th ewater if done now. Watch for the edges shrinking, fill all the joints withcompost and prepare the bed as for seed. its not a short cut.

Good luck

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