Grey water to waste pipe too high, all above ground level

17 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
I am making a shower room in a new build but all waste is above ground.
If you look at the pictures, there's already a toilet and 110mm in place, with a sink waste about 2 metres away running into it.
About IMG_20190514_152957_7.jpg IMG_20190514_153011_5.jpg 2 metres further away than the sink, and joining into the sink waste, there will be a shower tray.
My problem is, as you can see from the pictures, the join from the sink is already high, and this will make the shower even higher. I can't move either the sink or the shower.
All current piping is temporary - just as well, as I may need to swap from 32 to 40mm, according to a different thread I just read here.
So the real issue is how high the current toilet connection is, necessitating a high entry for the sink waste.
The soil pipe is cut at ground level, then there's a floplast drain connector and standard floplast soil branch.
Any suggestions very gratefully received
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If you have an electric supply ,you could run the shower waste into a saniflo shower pump ,then small bore pipe from the pump to the soil branch (pump can pump vertically ,so can enter at any level ,like the sink waste)
All current piping is temporary

Yup, that durgo should really be above the spillover level of the highest appliance attached to it.

The only 2 options are a 150mm step into the shower or access under the floor. If the soil pipe continues vertically downwards then cut a boss into it and run both the shower and basin @ 40mm (don't use pushfit) into that.
If you use a McAlpine 'DC-1 BL BO' drain connector with boss, you should be able to get the 40mm shower waste connection virtually at floor level. Whilst it wont remove the need to raise the shower slightly, it may get you some valuable room.

As Rob has said above, the soil pipe needs extending upwards to put the AAV (Durgo) valve above the sink.


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That McAlpine dc with boss should definitely work. And the durgo is, indeed, temporary, and will connect to a 110 soil pipe from the floor above.
Thanks, guys.
Everyone here rocks, big time.
Ah ok, that'll replace the coupler running into the 110mm in the floor, that the branch is in just now? I just thought they were for 4" clay/cast, not 110mm ... every day's a school day :)

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