Hanging kitchen cabinets on uneven wall

26 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi, I am new on this forum, so hopefully I have explained clearly enough for some much appreciated help.

I am building a bar area in an outdoor building which is attached to my house. All the walls is brick wall. It is a standard square room, one wall has got a big window so the height from the floor to the bottom of the window is about 67cm. One wall has got bricks sticking into the room which measured:

Depth: 13cm
Length: 22.5cm

In front of this (there isn't anywhere else to put it) we have a beverage cooler which is:
Dimensions (MM): 900 x 530 x 895

I have attached a rough floor plan of the room, so hopefully it is clear to see.

I was thinking of using METOD kitchen base cabinets (no wall cabinets), I have noticed from watching YouTube videos that they use a railing to hang the cabinets on.

So in theory I will have a 13cm gap behind the METOD cabinets, so won't be able to attach the railings to anything. I was thinking would I be able to attach wood to the brick wall and attach the railings this way. Or would this not work? Would I be able to have these cabinets free standing?

Another alternative would be that I make it from scratch and I am no wood working person but more than happy to learn? So any tips would be great.

If any more information is needed please let me know and I can try and answer as much as I can.

Thank you in advance and will look forward to hearing any advice and/or tips.



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Can't see any reason why putting a suitable wooden batten behind it to take up the 13cm wouldn't work.

What about the worktop?.
Is it not feasible to put the units either side of this protrusion? 13cm (just over 5”) seems a lot for a batten imo.
I was going to do a worktop to the wall anyway but was thinking of using planks of wood and then varnish it.
My only worry with putting a wooden batten on is will it be able to take the weight of the cabinets etc.
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I can't put the unit either side as can only put the beverage cooler in front of the protrusion as its the only place suitable for it.
So, if I understand this correctly, the units would be either side of the cooler? But 13cm from wall?
the units will be on feet i presume, the batten will have no load bearing, just stops it from pulling forward.
Yes, in order for the cabinet & cooler to be in line with each other.
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That's a good point, so hopefully this will work. Will give it ago and if it goes horribly wrong I will just get someone else to put it in for me!:D
Seems like battening would seem logical, or even a stud wall. As SX has said, no load bearing on the batten, so should be ok.
That's great! Thank you very much, I can now actually start planning properly and buying the units!
Wouldn't it be simpler just to cut the protruding bricks flush with the wall where necessary.
Also, remember that Ikea units don't Have the service void that UK units do.
Unfortunately no I can't remove the bricks and I am aware that ikea don't have the service void. Going to give it ago and see how I get on.
years ago I fitted a kitchen that came with some plastic things that I didn't use.
They were basically a cone shaped spacer intended to fit to the wall and then the back of the cabinet fitted to that.
You could just screw through pre-cut lengths of copper pipe as spacers into the brickwork.

As said, if the cabinets have legs, the wall is merely a fixing point so they don't slide forward if you pulled on the worktop front. Once they are all screwed together there's quite a bit of weight.
You're going to need breakfast bar rather than standard worktop for that depth.

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