IKEA wall cabinets to hang, Q about no of fixings

19 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
I have a section of Timber wall to hang 3 wall cabinets in a row.
There are 4 studs available to connect to with their fixing rail.

The wall has plastered plasterboard on top of 35mm steico protect.
The wall cabinets are 60Wide by 80 high by 37 deep.
Is 4 fixings enough if I use large enough 180-200 long screws into the studs available. the other alternative would be to have the rail come out past the end of the cabinets, ugly as ... but would allow me to get 6 fixing points in.
What is the consensus on this?
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No, not enough. Certainly screw through into the studs, but I'd also make sure that I had an additional 4 fixings per cab into the Steico which should act as a pattress (deep thread chipboard screws)
The steico is very soft, they will need to be quite large to give any support. I will look into that.
Unless you are willing to cut-away the PB and Steico, install OSB or plywood pattresses then re-instate the Steico and PB you don't have many options. The more screws you get in the Steico the more likely it will able to spread the load - especially as the main part of the weight will be borne by the studs. Considfer using a grip adhesive on your hanging bars as well
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I have decided on a bunch of 6x60 (stainless), as that is what ebay has currently, those will be full width through the full depth of the steico

Doing the full cutaway and install osb would be a bit of a big job for me I think.
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the rail is a long way above eye level, and you can paint it to match rhe wall (preferably before fixing) so make full use of it.
Well I decided to make the rail longer so as to meet up with the structural timbers in the wall. I now have 5 off 7.5mm Dia by 200 mm long fixings holding the rail firm, but at one end the timber is not where I expect it to be. The nearest fixing to that end will be about 10 inches in from the edge of the cabinet. The timbers of the wall are about 50mm in from the surface so a decent depth of engagement for the fixings.
Should I just fit plasterboard fixings in each hole to the edge? I have drilled 6 holes and can only find the steico and kingspan behind this last bit of rail. From each of those holes I tried an angled hole too, just in case the timber just happened to be between the holes at this end.
you can drill one hole, and use my Special Tool to see how far away the nearest stud is.

Do you want to buy one?

if you have steel rail, it is pretty rigid, and your hanger will be between two wall screws, so I don't suppose 10" will do any harm. If you want reassurance against it pulling away, you could add an expanding fixing on each side of the hanger.
LOL at your special tool. I think that the timber I was expecting at the edge of the adjacent window does in fact not continue up to the ceiling. I have used a 5mm by 300 mm long wood drill to get through the steico protect, that is much too stiff to allow the coathanger to explore behind the plasterboard.

I will use some plasterboard fixings to reduce the chance of it bending on the wall.
Well they are up, with a bit of rail protruding unfortunately.
Next question is what do people use to fill the about 1 cm gap at the rear vertical edge of the cabinets, some of those will be exposed.

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