Hanging Ikea Pax carcass

17 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
I've just purchased an IKEA PAX wardrobe carcass size 60cm x 57(D) 180 (H). It's rather light.

It's going up against ceiling so I need to secure it on wall. It's not freestanding. So like a wall cabinet needs to rest on suspension rail. I take it it can't be secured entirely by fixings through the backing hard board?

Any suggestions. The DCT suspension rail looks good but can it be used if unit is pushed against ceiling? Thanks


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Will it have clothes in it?

I “hung” an MFI cabinet that was intended to be floor standing on a wall.
It was a lot smaller/ lighter than your wardrobe but I fitted L shaped metal brackets on the lower wall to create a legless floating cupboard as it sat on the brackets and had some screws stopping the top falling away.
I guess you could fit screws into the ceiling joists as well?

Another option might be to build it without a back, adding some battens. Then fit the rails in reverse, the supporting rail second? Then trim and fit the back panel.
Most of its weight will be downwards. Only needs securing to stop it tilting forwards. If it is virtually ceiling height it will not be able to fall over forwards.

So any restraint to just hold it in place is all that's really needed.
Yes, a clothes rail. 2 x shelves. All lightweight. Nothing heavy.
The fixings are the most important.I use corefix for dot and dab drywall.


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Can i drill into back hard board? Maybe 4 screws. Corefix they hold a lot of weight but will hardboard take it?
Hardboard won"t hold much weight, even if you put mudguard washers beneath the screw heads. The other issue is how the hardboard is held in place in the carcase - if it is held in a small groove or alternatively fixed to the back of the carcase using pins or staples, then again, you run the risk of the hardboard failing.

The carcase is probably designed to stand on the floor, or a plinth, or the like, so I think your solution will need to be something like fixings through the sides near.the top (e.g. angle plates) maybe combined with something like a 2 x 1in softwood batten fixed to the wall beneath the carcase, which is used to carry the load, as well as to provide something to fix the bottom of the carcase to
If it’s not sitting in the ground it will need a timber on the wall to sit on and also strengthening to avoid sagging or twisting on the wall .IKEA wardrobes tend to fall apart easily even when sitting on the floor .
Possibly my fault as I misread the first query as being wall hung?

if the wardrobe is floor standing and touches the ceiling can’t a screw just go through the top and into a joist?
A wall hung wardrobe?!

Yes, No different from a cabinet but longer in length. Just 2 shelves and a rail. The door is a mirror. Probably heavier than the carcass. Yes, I'd have to screw baton under carcass to keep it level as it's a one man job. Plus Probably better to leave it there to support weight.
Are you sure the backing is hardboard, not thin chipboard? The latter is weaker than hardboard.
Are you sure the backing is hardboard, not thin chipboard? The latter is weaker than hardboard.

IKEA PAX come in Self assemble packs. The back board is folded. It opens up and slides down the grooves. It's pretty tough.
This is the gap it's going in. The gap is 66cm wide. The carcass is 60cm. Bed is in the way so will go up against ceiling and just above bed. It's only a box room. I've just hung 3 IKEA cabinets on suspension rail. They come as a kit and cabinets by BESTA had special fixing for rail. Photos attached. The best connections I've seen so far are the DCT suspension brackets. Not sure if they will allow to go to ceiling. I'll try to attach image. Sorry, DTC rail. Link is here.



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