Help! Cracks in wall!

2 Mar 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all

hoping I can get some advice, I have a large crack in the back bedroom which is across from wall to ceiling and then goes down the corner of the wall, today I also notice lots of cracks on the same wall but at the bottom above the skirting board, the bedroom next to it also has a crack that runs along the corner of the wall, I’ve had 3 builders out, one said it’s fine it’ just needs plastering, the other said it’s subsidence and the support beams beneath the floor need repairing and the third said that wall needs new wall ties I’m at a loss anyone seen anything like this before? Any help would be appreciated I’ve added pictures


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Khadray, good evening.

Is this bedroom on the first floor?? any crack damage in room below ?

What is the light coloured wall made from? if you tap it that does it sound hollow? possibly plasterboard? or is it a solid sound, bricks or block work?

Hi Ken

thanks for responding this room is on the second floor it’s a spare bedroom on the first floor, where it’s cracked it sounds like plaster but the middle of the wall is brick

there is also no cracks in room below
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Is this just a cosmetic issue? Is there a reason why there would be cracks appearing in the corner of the bedroom next to it?
So I’ve had another builder out and they have ripped up part of the floor and said the support beams have dropped causing the wall to collapse slightly I’ve attached a picture would you agree?


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Beams don't just tend to drop.

If that beam is touching the ceiling and its not cracked, then the beam has not dropped.

That beam looks like its been like it forever - even the floorboard is on the top of it.
Khadray, good evening, again.

It appears that from the latest image posted that there is a gap between the top of the beam and the underside of the bricks ? that could cause the problem.

Is there any indication of "distress" in the room below??

No indication of distress in the rooms below... yes it’s a rsj beam sorry pic is not clear
Think you will need to undertake some more investigations? there has to be some reason for a Steel beam to "drop" ?

Any movement of this type in a steel beam is of concern.

Odd that there is no distress in the room below??


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