help needed on two pipe flue system

26 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
got me a job on

small shop needs combi replacing

old combi is flueing over neighbours boundary walk way so cant put me a flue there

the only suitable place to put a flue is miles away and the need for 2 pipe system comes in

its a ground floor shop with walkways to rear and front so a condencing boiler is a no go

can i place the air intake for the boiler in the original flue position and then run an 80 mm exhaust 12 metres and out the rear of shop

i know the exhaust is ok but not sure on air intake as the rules only say dont put a products of combustion over a boundary and i wont be i will be sucking air in there

help me please this is sorta urgent
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The best help I can give you is to advise you to employ someone who knows what they are doing.
such a good help there thanks now what is your job and do you know what your doing

its a simple yes or no does the air intake constitute a flue yes or no ?

no one seems to have any experience of this problem i am seeing
It depends on the boiler manufacturer's instructions. Some two pipe systems might allow non-balanced air intake/flue outlet, others not. I suggest you consider Keston (C25, C36 etc.) since their flues and air ducts are made from 50mm muPVC waste pipe and fittings. Long runs are therefore fairly cheap and simple.
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Slogger sincere apologies ! Having read chrishutt's reply and re-read your original post I now see that I totally misunderstood your problem. I think that chrishutt' comments are sound advise. I am not aware of any building regs type issues that apply to the intake.
the boiler in question will be a falcon 24 kw none condensing ( over 1300 ) points so well safe to fit

no one even corgi can tell me if the air intake is covered by regs weird aint it

me thinks it prob will be cos it is over the boundary

50 mm for an air and flue is and would be very cheap to impliment

ta for the info

the two pipes one for flue gas the other for air dont need to be balanced ( nice one )

that means i can fit the new boiler where the old one is and simply extend the flue gas 80 mm pipe 14 meters and out yay

1 thing though every meter is 21 squid booo hiss

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