can i make my own flue system

i was registered as plymouthfury before but left the site as i felt i had upset a few, ive since registered as plymouthfury58, and yes it was a plymouthfury 1958 christiner car, i did in actual fact once own the uk promo car used for the launch of the film many years back, my interests are mustangs 67 fastbacks, plymouth fury's and ducati 999 which i used to try and race, too many broken bones.

ive come back to the site as i see a few others have replied to this topic.

i got the distinct impression i was rubbing poeple up the wrong way, i understand red tape in this couintry and profeesional people are governed by rules and regs and dont want the responsibility of accidents on their hands.

what i was hoping for was a general discusion on how flues were built, i have some experience as mentioned before but didnt know how the internals of flues were made.

this seemed to upset a lot of people when asked, i dont see why it should as everything we buy is made by someone and therefore can be made by someone else in my opinion.

i once worked for a man who asked me to sort out the yard, i started clearing the yard of all what i thought was scrap, ( and it was ) but was rudely stopped in my tracks by the boss, he told me everything he had was concidered new and in a box on the shelf, i couldnt understand this but after working for him for a while and watched this man repair, design and make anything and everything he came accross or needed, i began to understand, all the scrap parts i was clearing did in actual fact become nice new products packaged nicely in a box on a shelf, or at least when he finished with them they were, taught me a big lesson that and since then i have viewed everything differntly, if it was made i can make it too.

hence asking about flues, i cannot see what the big fuss is about flues, it is as if its a forbidden topic.

as i said in previously my manufactures book states this boiler can use a horozontal flue, a low level flue, a high level flue, a full height balanced flue and a chimney flue, as some one else said before why do manufactures spec certain lengths of flue and bends etc.

my argument is, if my boiler can use all the above flues it cannot be effected by lenghts or amount of bends in the flue.

now from making exhausts for race teams it is good to have a system that is a straight as possible but not too sraight as presures may be needed to work in conjuction with engine spec, so i understand that a flue should be as straight as possible too or with minimal bends.

my boiler is a presure jet which by nature of the work presure means there must be a fan withint the unit, if there is a fan within the unit it tells me that the gases are going to be exiting the boiler from the forward presure the fan makes from the pj unit, it isnt a flue that relies on air draw, hence being able to use a varied amount of flues for my boiler.

i have all the drawings from the manufacture showing flue design and so i do not see why i cant make it myself.

someone said i could but it wouldnt be compliant, this i understand, im not looking for it to be certified, its not required for building regs, im simply moving my boiler and wont be using the original chimney.

a freind of mine is a heating engineer and can test for the correct gases and set up the pj to burn correctly, i will also be using monoxide testers, now once this is done and runing correctly within the spec of manufacture settings it would mean the flue would be working correclty.

other than not a product built by a company that has a stamp mark on it, i cannot see why this cannot be done, i do understand that there are persons that shouldnt be doing anything like this through lack of knowledge and perhaps this is where the rules and regs come in t protect people.

but if you coud see how dangerous rayburns, log fires, chimneys, boilers etc are here, you would have a fit, anything goes.

im an engineer not a muppet, i know whats right and whats wrong and if i dont know i ask and research.

thnaks to all that were seeing my side and thnaks to all that didnt see my side but were being safe.

i wasnt here to cause issues, i just wanted to understand.

plymouth fury 58
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Fabricating flues is or was not that un- common , we installed several open flued oil boilers in stacked installs one on top of the other (Windhager ) which required flue fabrication , never did our selves it got farmed out , but not to the manufacturer !! there are many industrial boiler installs that no doubt have to have flue systems fabricated ! its not unusual !

In domestic situations ? it would be unusual ? generally there is no need most boilers are of the room sealed type & the flue systems come as part of the appliance ! one exception would be (or was) the keston gas boilers were you fabricated the flue system from plastic waste pipe ( of a certain type ).

Ultimately providing one knows what they are doing there is no reason why u cannot make your own flue system But it is not something that any or most would encourage or condone !

Had quite a few bikes mostly triumphs (not new type ) tritons , owned a couple of harleys , have got a 71 Norton now ! built a cobra kit car 5 litre mustang engine , aquired a 1980 transam with an olds engine that dropped its big end , now its got a 6.6 pontiac lump !
Back in the summer I had use of a 1976 formula firbird with a trick 9.6 motor , something like 700 bhp on tap awesome ! she did'nt do corners but straights the old girl definately did straights , very little road legal on 4 wheels would live with it
hello, my fav car would be the 455 big block ponti but to find a genuine original untouched one is a dream thats getting furhter away every day, piles of poo available in this country, i doubt i will ever find a numbers car.

i was into the 54/55 cadilac coupe deville's but money issues with this old house im doing meant sale of cars.

used to drag gsxr's at one time, bit of stunt riding and then raod racing on the dukes, hurts too much now and if imhonest my bottles gone, have the odd moment when your brain falls out.

the reason i was asking about flues was simply i didnt get one with my boiler, it simply had a 900mm straight going into the chimney breast.

it did make me laugh when some others did not like my questions but they said it was perfectly alright to remove the flexi intake pipe off a balanced flue to keep the boiler alight, kettle black and all that.

my manual for my boiler sates that a conventional flue is 5" but if i wish to convert to a balanced flue it reduces down to 4" exhaust flue with the external being 5" for the intake of fresh air, so if the others say its ok to disconect the air intake in order to keep their boilers going then they are just using the exhaust flue, so why cant i make a stainless 4" flue and leave my air intake the way it is,

i also see that most flue where they have bends in are done in stages rather than a smoth radiused 90 bends, this is for either cheapness of manufacturing parts or there is a reason for staging the gases, if a 90 bend was used would it create a hot spot at the middle of the radius on a smoth 90, is this why they make 90 out of two 45 bends.

i have a machine where i can bend 3mm thick 100mm box steel and achieve a 90 bend, i was thinking of make a one piece flue so no joins for leakage, ease of fitment, build a wooden box around the flue say 6" in size, metal foil would be used to line the box and then fill with expanding foam, remove the box when set which would provide me with a 4" flue with 1" insulated foil lined suround.

i would make a plate and weld to the base of the flue and gasket fit it to the boiler, place a wind shroud over the end of the flue where it exits the wall, a one piece insulated flue would be the result.

i cannot see why this wouldnt work, i would then set the boiler up to make sure gases and emisions are correct, if this is achieved then i would have a flue with optimum results, job done.

i would use 4" box section as 4" round is more expensive to use ( for me anyway)

i welcome any thoughts thanks
The tradesmen on this forum install and maintain systems made by others and give advice to people doing the same, who aren't in the trade. They don't design/manufacture anything. That might make the job simple in your eyes but only the same way as a spacecraft designer would judge your work.

As interesting as your theories seem to you, they are useless on this forum. You should find an appropriate outlet to share your ideas.
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i should be on x factor, um, silly statement for you to make really, everyone who has been on x factor will probably achieve more than you ever will, you shouldnt knock them, even the worst is proably better than yourself.

you just stick to your own fancies.

as some once said to me " if one has to knock other its because they are crap themselves"

me personanly, i think you should be carfeull what one says to anyone, you never know when it will bite back.
Get it wrong & your boiler will probably travel faster than and F3 Car

You theory is utter carp my friend just because you know all about exhausts on racing cars don't mean jack S**t when it comes to boilers and as for knowing more about combustion than a boiler engineer??? really what you need to remember is that in your industry Combustion is aimed at producing propulsion in our industry Combustion is aimed at producing HEAT it is a huge diffrence!!

I don't work on my car just because I am a Combustion engineer whos specialises in Boilers

Yuo have had VERY GOOD ADVICE from this forum be a man & accept that you just can't go around doing what you like. we all have to obey regulations and British Standards & Building regs anyone that thinks they do not apply to them is a fool!! :rolleyes:
everyone who has been on x factor will probably achieve more than you ever will, you shouldnt knock them, even the worst is proably better than yourself.

Drug pushers, pimps, people traffickers, illegal arms dealers and embezzlers will also achieve more than we or people on x f**ktor ever will.
I can't see what all the fuss is about.

If made out of correct grade steel, it will probably be far better than the rest of the boiler.

Trianco made a low level discharge flue out of a 90* "(How do you do a degree symbol)" VE bend into a square box through the wall.

Let's face it ,It aint ferkin rocket science!

You might want to fit a post purge timer for when it shuts off though.

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