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20 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
I am putting some new wiring into the attics for the kids and just wanted to ask a couple of questions.
Firstly i will be spurring off a double socket in the bedroom with the following

bedroom socket-fcu 13amp-attic double socket -fcu 13amp - double socket.
I want to protect everything at the earliest stage.
The problem is its all 6inch by 4 inch wood in the attic is it okay to mount the boxes on the wood or does it have to be plaster or masonry

also cant feed the wires through the back of the back boxes is it okay to drill under the boxes and feed through or would it be advisable to buy a mounting panel of some description

thanks dean
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you only need the one FCU when spuring off if its your intention to install 2 sockets..

yes its ok to mount the sockets to the wood providing its not damp or could get wet.

its up to you how to enter the socket boxes (rather than drill just buy a conduit box with the push out circles as its easier.) ensure the protective pvc sleeving is ran inside the box though when connecting up.


any body else..
Are you clipping the cable direct to the timbers? And using plastic surface boxes? If so, then use surface patresses and run the cable straight into the side. Patresses have smaller knockouts than conduit boxes and they are closer to the base so you will get a closer fit to the cable.

If you intend to use mini-trunking then you can get conduit boxes with square knockouts.
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Why not break in to and make the loft sockets part of the 1st floor ring, all it takes is 2 x TE 2.5mm run from the socket you intend to spur off on the 1st floor.

This then gives you a more functional design, means you can have as many sockets as you want and allows each socket to draw 13A.

At the moment the spur you suggests limits the total loft load to the fuse size at the fused spur.

As for boxes, surely your be providing wall insulation and boards, vertical dawf walling in to the eves ? If so then its simple dry lining boxes and cable routes behind the eves wall.

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